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    Mobile home scam

    Advertising to Australia. In this case it's a Sunliner Sunrise motorhome but other vehicles have also been used. Scammer email bri.berr@hotmail.com
    you for the interest showed in my motorhome, and sorry for the late
    reply but I have just moved to England with my job. Don't worry though,
    the motorhome is still there in Australia, stored at a transport company
    in NT. This motorhome was left to me in my uncle's will, and to be
    honest I never owned a motorhome before and I don't even have a driver
    license for a car, but I can assure you it looks great, my uncle was all
    about his motorhome, took great care of it. The price I am asking is
    $26.900 and it includes shipping anywhere in Australia. Because of this
    situation, me being in UK, I have made special arrangements that allow
    me to sell the motorhome there without me being present, so if you are
    still interested in it please email me back so I can explain to you how
    can this be done without me being there, safely for both of us.

    thank you
    Before leaving Australia I have
    prearranged the deal with AlertPay https://www.AlertPay.com
    , so that there will be no need for me to be there! You will
    need to send me your full name, shipping address and phone number so I can set
    up the transaction with AlertPay; after that they will contact you with the
    payment details and you will make a 10% deposit to them; they will secure your
    money until you receive the motrohome! In the
    same day AlertPay will confirm your deposit, shipping will start and you will
    receive a tracking number to track your delivery! The motorhome will reach
    your address in about 8 working days, after that you will have another 5 days
    for inspection; if unsatisfied with the motorhome you will get a full refund
    from AlertPay, if not, than you'll pay the rest of the balance! I give
    them legal empowerment to do the Rego transfer in my name and they have all
    the original papers to do it! let me know your decisioncheers
    AlertPay don't do escrow of course - they just transfer money, and they can only refund you if they can get the money back from the recipient...

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    Re: Mobile home scam

    Seen this kinda stuff happening on ebay all the time. Don't let them grind you down, and just spam it's ass.

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    Re: Mobile home scam

    update what?

    it is just a common western union scam, goes, blah, blah, blah, send western union because blah, blah, blah.

    there is no mobile home involved.

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    Re: Mobile home scam

    John Braxson

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