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    Perpetual Revenue Consortium : Scam or not?

    I received a letter via mail that states I could make $2,500,000 in 14 weeks and $125,000 a month for life. It came from,

    Perpetual Revenue Consortium
    P.O. Box 32890
    Phoenix AZ 85064
    935 799 1519 - PC01

    and it says to pay $35 dollars to V. T. Vespers Sr. and he will start on August 15th.

    Is this a scam? :spin2: Because I'm tired of these $35 dollar scam letters and Phoenix, AZ addresses. :1crysad: Maybe one day, it won't be a scam.

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    Re: Perpetual Revenue Consortium : Scam or not?

    A quick search on that Post Office box and city showed more scams than I could shake a stick at. Mostly involving get rich quick schemes, with some reports that included 419-style elements.

    A few other names that this con man has used:
    Avant-Garde Financial Concepts
    Mammon Financial Publishing, LLC
    Secret Cheat Sheet
    Benefit Members Associates Incorporated
    9 Day Money Miracle Operation
    Eurotrust AMG
    Debt Free 12 Step Program

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