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    Go Click Cash Scam

    Beware that you will not receive your "fully guaranteed" money back as they state on their website. My computer crashed shortly after joining their site so I requested a refund. I submitted several (5) tickets requesting a refund, I was never able to download any material. They keep closing my tickets and still no refund. My original purchase date was 5/20 and I have been requesting a refund since that time to no avail. I've sent them my copies of my receipt and still no response. I am not happy, to say the least, with their "support". Another scammer.:zx11pissed:

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    Re: Go Click Cash Scam

    Chalk it up as a lesson learned. This stuff is rarely worth paying for. You can learn all you need about affiliate marketing online for free.

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    Re: Go Click Cash Scam

    So it's a double scam. First they sell you a worthless product and won't even deliver it and then you can't get your money back, either. Here are a few links about Go Click Cash



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    Re: Go Click Cash Scam

    Not many people will be scammed these days. People are now more careful with the programs that they engage in online businesses. I think you need to read reviews first before buying a program.

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