About Ash Vehicle Sales a RIP OFF Used Car Dealers near Cambridge.

Ash Vehicle Sales used car RIP OFF in Royston. The owner is a CONMAN by the name of ASHLEY SMITH
who operates out of a shed he rents from Tim Parker of Grange Farm.

I would like to describe below my dealings with this low life in order to warn other potential victims of Smith`s, who trades as flossy1981-2008 at ebay and I will also include 2 copies of verifiable letters I recently received from another 2 conned and trusting ebay car buyers who were naive enough to take Smith at his word re cars and one had to take BED AND BREAKFAST FOR 2 NIGHTS WHILE A GARAGE CARRIED OUT EMERGENCY REPAIRS ON THE DANGEROUS CAR SMITH HAD DELIBERATELY JUST SOLD THEM.

The second email I recently received from another of his victims is from a female who is, right now, taking him to court in London. She also says there are 2 other cases against him at the same court. Read her story below.

Smith`s description of the car I recently purchased from him was totally misleading and false and the car completely broke down after one day. I was also pulled up twice by the police on the way home after buying it from him due to massive amounts of black smoke from the exhaust. He also failed to state that this car is an ex TAXI from Great Yarmouth and has parts missing, chipped paintwork, faulty steering rack, broken cd player and dents that he kept hidden by not washing the thick dust covering the car from his yard.

I immediately phoned Smith and informed him of the problem and said I was returning the car for a full refund as he states at his ebay page he accepts returns. He asked me not to and to have it fixed instead and he would foot the bill. As I live in Glasgow, I reluctantly agreed to give this a go, but if fault persisted or could not be diagnosed, I would be returning it.

I ended up paying to have it diagnosed at three garages, with Smiths approval, as the first two were having trouble pinpointing the problem. Eventually, after around one month, the third mechanic to look at it found it was the turbo and spoke to Smith on the phone explaining it to him. The mechanic handed me back my phone and Smith asked me to give him time to think what he wanted to do next and wanted me to phone him the next day.

I did this and he then said he would now pay half the repair bill as a reconditioned turbo is 600 plus 200 to have it fitted. I refused to accept this and said I was returning the car, but he then said he was not accepting it back as I had let other mechanics inspect the car. I reminded him that it was on his instruction that I had done this, but he stuck to this as an excuse for not accepting a return, nonsensical as it was. I believe he had no intention of accepting any return under any conditions and his statement of Returns Accepted at ebay is false.

I then had to agree to accepting just 400 towards the repair and waited and continually phoned him as the days passed and no check arrived. I asked for the tracking number on the post office recorded delivery ticket, but, unsurprisingly, he could never find the non existent ticket. It then got to the stage he started doing to me what he has done to other dissatisfied ebay customers who were foolish enough to trust him and is now ignoring all phone call from me.

There have been multiple complaints against Smith from ebay members with impeccable feedback scores, but ebay as they do with many rogue traders, have allowed him to continue to be in a position to perpetrate gross acts of fraud.

Copy below of the letter I received from another ebay victim of Smiths.

Did he deliberately sell this person a car knowing the alternator was not working, but was cunning enough to fully charge the car battery which would not flatten until the customer was well away from his premises and he would be left with hundreds of pounds of their money in his pocket and they would be left with a useless wreck. Read the customers story and decide for yourself.


Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, but I was out of the country.

I would be quite interested in passing on our difficulties in dealing with this conman on to the journalist as our story seems to have been quite similar to yours.

After test driving the car and paying for it at his shop, we decided to drive into Cambridge proper for lunch. Within 15 minutes the car lights started flashing and shortly thereafter, the car died flat in a roundabout. We managed to push it out of the roundabout and I assumed at this point it was just a dead battery. We called the seller and he said he would be right out to give us a hand. After a hour and several more phone calls which led nowhere, we walked to a nearby auto store and were forced to buy a new battery.

This managed to get us to Lakenheath where the car died yet again after parking. Once again we phoned the seller and he said it was probably the alternator and he would send a tow truck to help us within the hour. After waiting 5 hours and several phone calls, we were forced to stay in a hotel in Lakenheath. The next two days followed much the same route as we had to drive up to Lakenheath to wait for him to show up as he promised, but never did.

At this point, he stopped answering our phone calls. The car required a new alternator and the timing belt was shot and just to get it running again, we were forced to get it fixed at a local auto shop.

Finally, to put the icing on the cake, the car completely failed its upcoming MOT, with the exhaust and catalytic converter being the most expensive of the issues, but by no means the only failures. At this point, the fixes were going to cost more than the car was worth and it was turned into a junker.

I would pass this directly on to the journalist, but via ebay I dont see her contact information.

Ian (iredmunk at ebay)


Hi Stuart,

What happened to us was that having bought the car from Smith, it then had problems with oil consumption immediately and then blew up two days later. The promised refund from Smith never materialized and we are now perusing him through the courts. I understand there are at least two cases at the same court at present.

Can you give me details on the car you bought and what happened as I would like to tell the court we have been in contact if that is ok with you.

Please do send me details of the other buyers and the journalist as I would be happy to include their experiences in our evidence to the court.

Two things I would like to ask, have you spoken to Trading Standards at Hertfordshire. If they keep getting complaints, they can take action against him. Also, they have the power to prosecute in some circumstances.

Secondly, we are suing him in London as that is where the buyer lives, necessitating him to travel from Herts to London on each occasion. The costs he must meet from his own pocket plus lost working time. You would be entitled to sue him in your home location as he is a business and you are an individual.

I am writing my statement for the court over the weekend and anything else you can give me would be very useful.

Hope this has been of help.

Best Regards,


Finally; a copy below of a FAKE posting at ebay by Smith where he pretends to be a satisfied customer who has bought many good cars from Ash Vehicle Sales - the email was posted by flossy1981-2008 which is Smith`s ebay trading name.

Copy of SMITH`S glowing report on his own company. What a joke.

Ash Vehicle Sales Exellent service thanks again

by flossy1981-2008

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I Would like to mention as i have read about Ash Vehicle Sales that i have known this company and the owner for many years and have had a very good service from them.

Aswell as my family members I have recomended ashley to many of my friends at the local golf course and they are all happy with the vehicles they have purchased from him.

The only cars i know ashley selly on ebay are part exchange vehicles that do not come with the warrenty or after care serviceyou would get from a showroom.

as i know people that have bought cars from Ash Vehicle Salesand have been more than happy with the service provided, for one person to rudely broadcast a sale that quite clearly stated on the ebay advert the cars mileage and previous history, personally i think is very unfair to mr smith as with my experience with him im sure he would have any help to resolve any problems.

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