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    Re: mytrafficjam.net (aka:Nash's Advertising Servi

    Looks like they're back yet again. I got this email today and when I clicked on the website it looked too familiar
    http://www.atyourservicemkt.net The owner is Victoria Rawlins. Vicki is short for Victoria. Rawlins could be her maiden name or made up name. Beware.

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    Re: mytrafficjam.net (aka:Nash's Advertising Servi

    I think I've just been scamed buy the vickie nash us are on about this is her new website


    I paid for advertising yesterday and now there is no response to my emails:2gunsfiring_v1:

    What a bitch $375 there needs to be something done about this person.

    She is in saint louis now and she is using the email

    [email protected] also she has an email address [email protected]

    She has had ads on *****s list looking to rent a house in st. louis.

    heres a picture of what a scamming cunt looks like

    Is this the same one you are all talking about:2gunsfiring_v1::2gunsfiring_v1::2gunsfiring_ v1:

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    Re: mytrafficjam.net (aka:Nash's Advertising Servi

    You may have difficulty until the precepts of the following link have been met...if the owner has actually registered as a company. I didnt see a company number or registration id anywhere though....the site is made via a free creation site too..not a good sign.....

    but you can report the owner to paypal and register a complaint in your countries official watchdog site...which country are you in?
    if you look at the site you may see that Nash does not seem to be her only name too..ie...the email sites and the picture labels...

    In future... beware of any site that uses an individuals name and home address as a site for any money to be sent too!
    here is the neighbourhood maybe..as oregon St doesnt exist... but oregon Ave does. in St Louis..
    as you can see from the house across the street being sold...it is not a prime location and houses are currently being sold for 21 thousand US.
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    Re: mytrafficjam.net (aka:Nash's Advertising Servi

    That's her! It's the same picture she had on her website years ago. I don't think anyone has gotten their money back, I know I didn't. I was in contact with the attorney generals office and they seemed determined to get her. That was a few years ago. I just recently reported her again but haven't heard anything from them. She's like a roach, you can't get rid of her. She just keeps coming back under different company names but the content on the website is the same.

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    Re: mytrafficjam.net (aka:Nash's Advertising Servi

    Hey PeopleThis ad service is my brother and sister-inlaw, they are a couple of crack heads who sit at home and dream of ways to get money from people. Go to the Missouri Courts Case net site and type in their names, they have been evicted recently. I loaned them money, and they ripped me off also and I am Jon's brother, Her name is Victoria Riley, her maiden name was Rawlins. She was a cheesy dancer in a bar that played the "spoons" on her ass while she danced.

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    Re: mytrafficjam.net (aka:Nash's Advertising Servi

    They are back:


    And, I have been SCAMMED! $250 worth.

    Has anybody ever got their money back. I rather doubt it.

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    Re: mytrafficjam.net (aka:Nash's Advertising Servi

    Hi Roadlady, I'm sorry to hear that you got scammed too. No I never got my money back. I reported them to the Attorney Generals office and they were supposed to be investigating. A man from the AG's office actually called me. There has to be some way to stop them, they just keep coming back under different names. They make their living ripping people off. They need to be in jail. That's what they do with thieves.

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