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    Jhumatrust - Jhunjhunwala - Barclay - Fisher


    they just want to have EUROS ! The give you Swiss Franc, but you get fake money !!!

    Meeting was arranged by Mr. Nicolas Fisher, London. Serios speaking men, tells y a story about the rich family "Jhunjhunwala". A rich india family, they grow up with micro credits.

    You meet Mr. Udaj Jhunjhunwala always in Milano (Italy), Westin Hotel. He looks in your documentation just for 15 minutes. Then he offers the deal: you get a loan, 20 % of the loan is cash in Swiss Francs. The loan is covered by Lloyds, for 10 years with 2.8 %. The insurance is paid by y in EUR.

    After this meeting, y get the contact to his "lawyer" Ralph Barclay. He gives y all the details. The loan y get from an italien company: AOSTA Factor SA. He sends y the loan contract and the register information about this company.

    The "insurance" y don't need to pay upfront. Y pay the insurance by closing the loan contract and at the same time, y get the Swiss Francs.

    Days later, y have a new meeting in Milano, or Verona, or Brussel for closing. The meeting will be in a Café or Hotel. Y sign the contract and then y pay and y get the Swiss Francs. They propose y to control the Swiss Francs with your machines. The Swiss Francs are correct. They put the Swiss Francs in a Beauty Case and y can go.

    Don't ask me how, but by counting, all the money are real money. Later in the Beauty Case y just have fake money!!!

    The close the cell-phones (all numbers from UK), no response by mails and y are ripped off your EUR.

    The italien company: AOSTA Factor SA don't know the guys. The homepage is a fake, registered this year in Yugoslawia.

    Mr. Barclay speaks english, Mr. Jhunjhunwala speaks french and Mr. Fisher speaks german.

    The Billionaire "Jhunjhunwala" is not him, it's an other men with name but its not the men y deal with!

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    Re: Jhumatrust - Jhunjhunwala - Barclay - Fisher

    We were also contacted ** them but after the 1st meeting in Milan we got suspicious and didn't go into business with them. They tried to contact us several time to make a deal, were even willing to come to our home coutry but since we kept ourselves to bank transfer - which they promised to do - still they wanted cash in the business. Having browsed the net we found some information of their being scammers so finally we got rid of them luckily!!!

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