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    JNK Marketing Group scammed me!

    Does anybody know why I can't see my thread after posting it? Admin, if you have to delete one thread, please delete the other one as it doesn't show the content. Thank you very much for your hard work and for managing an invaluable website that save a lot of people.

    I'm a victim of this bogus company. After doing a quick search in the forum, I found a member with the nickname Stupid who was in the exact situation, only that it happened to him a few years ago, with a different ''company. I'll contact Stupid later for some input. In the mean time, I'm posting about this ''company'' here to warn potential victims. Some of the posts are from other members, but from a different forum. However, when you do the search without the word ''group'', just JNK Marketing, it won't show up as a scam; that's why I have to post the full name here. After what happened, I can't believe I had overlooked things that could have been so obvious. The scums who posted themselves as Rebecca Hortons and John Kiggins, the two managers of this big ''corporation'' not only speak horrible English but are also so uneducated that they can't even construe an sentence in English with proper structure and correct grammar (these are the things that kept being mentioned over and over again here). I'm glad that these scums, after one transaction, were busted by the bank. But I still want nobody else to fall victim to their scam.

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    Re: JNK Marketing Group scammed me!

    your first few posts go to moderator for approval. it prevents the board being flooded with spam. i deleted the other posts as they are the same as this one.

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    Re: JNK Marketing Group scammed me!

    Thank you, Mumbles. I'm sorry I didn't mean to duplicate my posts. There were some technical errors with my computer and it didn't show the thread as being posted after I submitted it. I have to make sure my message is posted because I want to get my words out there to as many people as I can. This bogus company is still flooding employment and job search websites with their ad, looking into scamming more innocent job seekers. Their tactic is more cunning than other scammers because they don't do email spams. They pay or hack into employment websites, some being regulated by the government (that's where I found their ad), thereby causing more gullible job seekers to be off guard.
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