Here Goes
Bad investment dont do it under no terms they have ripped me of and a fair few others
Peak Power Are claiming to have a 33.3% Share in the julong North coaling mine in the Shanxi Provience together with Shanxi Coal Corp. They have 400 units to invest in @ $50,000.00 a unit. they promise great returns and alot of people have fallen for the sales tactics and high returns. They are not paying investors their premiums and i beleive now have probably disappeared.

Firstly this is how the coal premium works you invest in lets say 1 unit or you could buy 1/4 or 1/2 or 3/4 like i did of a unit or like some other they have bought 2 units. Your returns are based on coal production so if they sell 100 thousands tons in a month which is not that high considering the consumers around the world buying coal. They sell the coal lets say for arguments sake $100.00 = $10 million Now lets say Running Costs for that month is 1 million leaves $9 million this then peak power get 33.3% of this then because they have 400 units this is devided into the 400 units basically around $7500 per unit per month on a investment of $50,000.00 all sounds really good until now when the invetors are waiting for their dividends no payments have been made to me or anyone else that i know of. After doing more checks on the websites i have since found out that and and the www.scib,cn are all linked and registered at

All the paper work and contracts all seemed fine and believe me these people are very proffessional at what they do and very convincing.

They claim to have offices in shanghai note telephone number is dongguan. and in Hong Kong these both beleived to be virtual offices.
The Bank is in Hong Kong called Hang Seng Bank Ltd After further checks the people who stole our money are working out of Thailand.

If you work out the extent of this what i beleive is organised crime and fraud to the highest level to the tune of $20 million.

Please please please anyone who has been conned by these people please contact action fraud in england or your revelent organisations in your countrys.

The more people who come forward and the quicker we can catch these fraudsters and put them behing bars where they should be.

If anybody needs more imformation you can email me on