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Thread: bank scam

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    bank scam

    I did sign @ my wifes bank tax refund check/join tax return/ to be deposited. /since I do not have any account with bank/ and 2 days later when I want to withdraw my money-it was gone. Online bank statement says debt charge and some numbers. Rep. says due to my wife name linked to their unrecovered debt they take that money. I have 2 children and tax refund money was mine as well as my kids, no matter what is my wife's name is linked to. They did not provide any evidence to support their statements. That's cannot be correct.:judges:
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    Re: bank scam

    Hi! I think it's not right to use your wife's name but on the other side of the coin, they must provide an explanation where your money is so that it will be all clear.:spin2:

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