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    Can u be prosecuted n charged being victim of scam

    Can I be prosecuted and charged if I was a victim of using a fraudulent account that I was unaware of and lied to about?

    One of my friends that was close to me; started a conversation about money and I mentioned to him that I was in debt, and he mentioned to me that a friend of his helped him with his debt and i asked how and he told me that his friend had his own "personalized account" that was his when he was in the military and they gave him money monthly and put it in his account because he was injured in iraq. And my friend told me that his friend will pay his debt off as long as he gives him 50% of what he pays off.
    So in my mind I was thinking this is too good to be true, but my friend assured me that this was legit and it was ok, but I repeatedly told him, if this is any way or part illegal tell me now and again said it was HIS friends account; so i agreed and said if he could talk to his friend to do the same for me. Of course his friend says yes. So, my friend came over with his buddy and paid off some of my credit cards using the account that was supposedly his and told me he can pay off $5k a month on each credit card and until all cc's are paid off then i'll give him 50% so i said ok. Then after 2 - 3 months into it totaling up to $20k paid on my cc's they all got charged back on to my cards and that's when i immediately called my friend and asked him what the heck the deal was, and as soon as he got on the phone, he started apologizing and kept saying he was sorry that he put me in this position and crying. And he told me that it wasn't his friends account and that it was a fraudulent account. After all the yelling at him, what was done was done, and i put it behind me but then a month later after all the charge back, a detective called me and told me that I was paying my cc's off with that fraud account and I told her the story to what happened and she mentioned that numerous people around the state of washington was using that fraudulent account, and then she mentioned that she was going to contact me later, but she never did, and then I recently get in the mail that my bank was issued a warrant from that detective to send off my bank statements and account information to a prosecutor for investigation.

    Now my question is, can I be prosecuted and charged for theft if i was the victim of a scam by my own friends? And my friends already admitted to the detective that they lied about it and brought me on.

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    Re: Can u be prosecuted n charged being victim of


    But, you are not entirely innocent here, you accepted money from a stolen account and then forwarded some of that money onto a scammer. You acted as a money launderer, whether or not you intended to do something illegal doesn't matter to the local law enforcement agency, you did something illegal.

    The investigators will ask you something like: Why did you think you were getting free money? and Why didn't you do any research, google, ask friends/family, investigate as to why a stranger was going to do this favor for you? and Haven't you heard of the saying "if it sounds too good to be true, it is".


    If you do some more looking on the internet, you will find more stories of people who were arrested for cashing fake checks, accepting money into their bank account from someone overseas, sending money to someone somewhere via Western Union or moneygram and people who accepted packages, reboxed the contents and shipped the stolen merchandise to the criminal.

    Google "money mule scam", "reshipping job scam" or something similar, you will find stories all over.
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    Re: Can u be prosecuted n charged being victim of

    don't panic. just do what the police/court tell you to do. if they want you to testify in court against the bad guy, do it. if they prosecute you - obviously, you know nothing about how the accounts were stolen and used. you were duped. being a dupe is not a crime. it is up to the prosecutor to prove that you are a criminal and not an innocent victim. if you told the whole truth here, i doubt any prosecutor would try the case. i wouldn't plead guilty to anything because i don't think a jury would convict. a lawyer will probably give you an easy payment plan if you have to go thru it.

    Dupe: Someone who is deceived by another and acts in their interest without realization.

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    Re: Can u be prosecuted n charged being victim of

    thanks mumbles... that took the load off my shoulder a little bit. My friend will testify with me he said IF i will be prosecuted or not, but like you said they might not even go there, because I was the one being scammed.

    and to Meri Widow:

    I think you read my post a tad bit wrong. I never paid him any $$$ with a fraudulent account, in fact I never paid him any money at all because my cc's got charged back before i could pay him 50% with my "own" money. This scenario would be like me going to a debt relief program you see on tv and they tell me to pay half of my debt up front and they say they will pay my credit cards off little by little each month but the company was using a stolen account.

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