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    Eureka Forbes Scammed me in 7 Digits INR

    Dear Friends,

    I have been the victim of a mislead, mis-sell, dump & forget scam by some personnel of Eureka Forbes. The total loss to date is in 7 (seven) digits INR. I have material over Rs 6 Lacs in stock which are turning to dust.. the result of poor after sales service & unkept promises of a Sales Return. Eureka Forbes senior management has also not responded to my appeals for reasons best known to them. Irrespective of the huge amount of wealth destroyed, this is my effort to make my friends aware of unscrupulous dealings by people who would destroy a business worth lacs for their personal career gains. In this public folder you will find some of the actual documentation & history of this scam.

    SCAM HISTORY: http://www.datafilehost.com/download-4721ccbe.html

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    Re: Eureka Forbes Scammed me in 7 Digits INR

    Sorry, but I don't download ANYTHING provided by someone who only has one post.

    My PC might get a gift that keeps on giving...lol

    Maybe it's okay, but I will let someone else take that chance. One post here does not equal credibility, and the fact that the loss is claimed to be in 7 figures makes it seem kinda fishy to me.

    Sorry for the suspicion, but I learned much of that here on scam.com

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