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    WARNING!!! Edicius Records is a Fraud!!!!!!

    WOW! First off this company is ran by a 17 year old girl. Edicuis Records (Bre) tries to help up and coming bands be heard all around the world. Bre recently tried to affiliate her self with my band and tell the galaxy of our music. Oh my god this girl does not know what the hell she is talking about. She claims she has helped bands become signed to major labels, but when asked the names of the bands she won't even tell you. This makes no sense to me what so ever. If you are affiliated with a band and or helped sign a big band why wouldn't you want to use their name to help promote yours. It doesn't add up when the small bands that they help out are listed but the supposed huge bands that are boasted about are nothing but a fasad to suck in poor unsuspecting kids. THIS IS A WARNING TO ALL TO NOT DO ANY BUSINESS/AFFILIATION WHAT SO EVER IT WILL JUST TARNISH YOUR NAME!

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    Re: WARNING!!! Edicius Records is a Fraud!!!!!!

    ha-ang on Sloop John D, Sloop John D hang on.

    http://www.myspace.com/ediciusrecords. Is this the Edicius you refer to?
    It's on MySpace; people goofin' around, havin' fun, getting up a band in the 'rents garage.

    Switch to decaf, and cultivate a sense of humour.

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