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    Prudential Assets Management Japan

    Prudential Assets Management Japan, www.prudassets.com and
    Century House and Company Trust
    http://www.ch-ct.com/ are both fraudulent companies that work together. Prudential Assets Management Japan told us that they were affiliated to Prudential Place in the UK. They provided us with company registration numbers etc. It is possible that the Prudential Assets Management website has been forcebly closed down because we reported their illegal activities to the neccessary authorities and companies who's name they were using fraudlently. Prudential Assets Management Japan does not exist and the address provided does not exist and all the management team and their CV are fake and do not exist. Each of these individuals on both of these websites has a linked in profile to build trust with unsuspecting clients. I have reported this matter to linked in.Our dealings with both these two companies spanned 5 Months. We eventually paid a large sum of Money into an account given to us by Century House and Company Trust, the account name was for Hellman International PTE in Singapore for KYC compliance and Surrety bond insurance for an Investment we were to receive from Prudential Assets Management Japan. We provided them will all our company registration documents, board resolutions etc and we were quite convinced all was legit. Needles to say we have never received the venture capital, and neither the surrety bond insurance documents or any other of the documents we paid for.The authorities to which we reported this scam say it is the most elaborate and sophisticated investment scam to date.

    From Prudential Assets Management We dealt with Tetsuya Kawagishi and Alexander Wong who originally aproached us on an Angel Network.

    From Century House and Company Trust we dealt with a Mr Peter Wong and Karen Lee.Please note these individuals were mirroring exsiting known companies and used e-mail addresses that reflected the businesses they were supposed to be representing. Tetsuya Kawagishi always phoned us almost every day over a few months. All HIS E-MAILS stated Japanese translated into English. After having paid them a very large sum of money, they had the audacity to tell us he needed a further $10 000 to bribe the person to make the final transfer. We did have the opportunity to tell him to his face he is a fraud and that we were reporting him to the authorities.

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    Re: Prudential Assets Management Japan

    Please see our new post repeated here, it is the same crowd of scumbags:
    First post here, to let everyone know about this website and the fraudulent team behind it: www.nipinvest.com
    These scumbags leach off company's trying to raise capital on 'Angel' and Venture Capital sites. We see another scam listed here with the name 'Prudential Assets Management Japan' which we suspect are the same fraudsters. The MO is exactly the same except with different names. They will promise a large investment, name some unsearchable investor that they claim has capital under their management and then demand a lot of company and private info. This finally leads to their demand for a ridiculous sum of $$ to cover KYC and insurance, payable to a Singapore bank account. It is very professional and almost plausible. If not for the demand for fees prior to $$, it would fool many. They got nothing from us. The names to be wary of are: Richard Inamori, Kenshin Oshima, Andrea Stefanelli & Kazuo Okada. All fictitious no doubt. The supposed investor was Dr Arichega Rosalio Perez Jaime & his assistant was Tanaka Shin. Lots of effort went into making this scam seem real. Nipinvest are trying to make themselves seem aligned with similar named companies. Their main header is "Nippon Asset management" with a half complete address in the business district of Green Hills in Tokyo. They also provide fake LinkdIn profiles which are easy to do. Please, anyone being asked to provide KYC & Insurance fees for a promised (they even arranged a signed legal agreement!) investment PRIOR to $$ is being scammed. Pay nothing...no investment company does this. We are informing the bank they use, and the web host services. Hope we have helped stop others being bullsh*%ted by these scumbag leaches :

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