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    Utopia Limited And Qingdao Utopia Fashion Limted

    Dear All,

    Was nice to loose 56.000usd to this company and the Tiwari brothers - Umesh Tiwari and Harish Tiwari.

    How they operate:

    They looking buyers around the world and mainly they cheat you on prices - and steal down payments - steal buyers if they can.

    End of the day they run away etc...

    They play game very well and nice way - basically they fors try make relationship and then when they see that there is change they steal and cheat as much as possible one time.

    What happened whit me:

    They underestimate me - at least last meeting in China after I realize that they steal money - I punch other man 3 times - then they run away from country.

    Anyway if anyone need more info this company and people Im happy to help. I found some other companies that hv same experiments from Scandinavia.

    They try use all kind of methods to make trust etc.. so very carefully whit these boys.

    They operate now from Indonesia and India. they hv they own network and end of the day they only try to steal - cheat etc.

    they website is whole of shit - bcze one man sitting in home to delhi and other one now Indonesia. they only left behind big mesh.


    They use my name there 7 month whit out my permission and it took me a lit of time and effort even get my name away there. They need other people name and face to operate behind them - like friend or partner etc bull shit.

    I hv all evidence if some one need to know more.


    Indian Puncher

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    UTOPlA LIMITED Co., Ltd was a fraud compan

    All shipments they send was shit - Umesh Tiwari run out from country after he hv took money and ship goods.

    I hv clear all shit here and pay the clients all they lost and re make all again.

    they hv use this same metod many other buyers..

    Haris Tiwari is the so called "brain" and he come on picture after little brother has steal money... and he give all kind of bull shit to play time etc... Very, very cheap "boys".

    Note that they dont know anything real on this business - basically they just cc emails and try to find "hole" where to steal money. I was so lucky that I come to China and start checking all these things and I do not loose much!

    When I hv enough information Umesh Tiwari run awan from country bcze he know that I will find out all soon or later.

    as I told at least I could punch him 3 times before he escape from country :) and u all should see he face :) hah hah.

    That was my message these Indian traders to be away on my face - and now - no more business to any Indian company. never!! Event here are for sure some nice people but for me : if u can say end of the day " it is gods hand".... it is not business... most of them are only there to cheat..

    I just want people to avoid these boys - all is shit what they say.

    Brgds, ms
    Indian Puncher

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