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    Panama Fraudulent Hotel Mediterranean Dreams

    I would like the public to be aware of the fraudulent hotel in Panama called Mediterranean Dreams which I booked for my parents. They are seasoned travelers and planned to stay one day in Panama before going onwards to
    Mexico and thus sought a hotel close to the airport. I paid for hotel accommodations US 74$ with credit card on the May
    13th 2011 with “Hotels.com”. We tried contacting the hotel “Mediterranean Dreams” in Panama
    unsuccessfully prior to the trip which the hotels.com website and customer care said offered a shuttle
    service. However, on arrival at the airport in Panama May 23rd at 7.46pm, they took a taxi and told the driver to
    take them to the said hotel “Mediterranean Dreams”. The driver spent approximately three
    hours looking for the hotel at the given address and as per the map location. He asked several people
    about the hotel but no one knew about the hotel and its location. Incidentally, the given address of
    the hotel was different to the location given on the route map. Both places were checked (same is
    attached). Unable to find the said hotel close to midnight, they decided to stay at the Riande hotel near
    the airport. They paid the taxi driver an additional amount for taking all this time to look for the hotel and
    taking them back to near the airport. Early next morning, they left Panama for Cancun, Mexico.
    I spent hours on the phone on the May 24th with hotel.com trying
    unsuccessfully to alert them to the fraud of the alleged hotel. I called customer services and was
    transferred back and forth between various departments. One of the hotels.com personnel called the
    given number of the hotel and someone answered saying that they did stay at the hotel and they
    were ‘honeymooners’. For that reason the hotels.com personnel refused to honor a refund on a hotel
    that does not even exist and did not look into it further. I can assure you that they are both 65 years of
    age and been married for almost 40 years and this was clearly a hoax. Overnight, 2 spurious reviews of
    the hotel appeared on the hotels.com and expedia website giving it a full 5.0 rating. I also
    sent in an email to the website the day after telling them of this problem but it was not acknowledged
    or hotel review published. Please take a look at the hotel website online at this http://

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    Re: Panama Fraudulent Hotel Mediterranean Dreams

    I'm staying at this hotel right now and it's fantastic. Not sure what the problem was, but we found our way here by taxi from the airport just fine - we had to give the address of course. If you struggle to find it, just get to Don Lee (chinese restaurant) in El Dorado district. From there you can walk through the back of their car park to the road behind, turn left and it's along that street on the right. Alternatively, take the turning before or after Don Lee and get onto the street behind. Look for the ALFAPARF sign (no idea what that means) - that's at the front of the B&B.

    The owners have been very helpful and the place is very clean and well equipped. Here's the website: http://www.mediterraneandreamsgroup.com/

    We booked through booking.com and all was ready for us when we arrived.
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