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    Indonesian scam compay

    Dear Interesting Buyers ,customers and clients;
    The company details as the following:
    Name person : Dennis Harinuan
    Company name : PT. KERTAS ABADI NUSA Co., Ltd
    Address : Jl. Soedirman# 817, Medan
    Phone : +62-61-76429035 / +62-61-8365299
    Fax : +62-61-8365298
    Email business : [email protected]
    All these numbers and details are false and not avaliable!!!!!only at the start and before get your money(Advanced money)
    then escape!!!The T/T payment is the manner to get money and then escape!!!!
    Thanks for your attention ,take care and understanding
    Best Regards
    Ing. Adel Maksoud
    Czech Republic

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    Re: Indonesian scam compay

    Thank you for the heads up. Too many ppl are falling a victim to faith scams

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    Re: Indonesian scam compay

    Clarification of Question by barneca-ga on 19 Sep 2006 18:04 PDT
    hi scriptor,

    i'm not sure what it says about me, but i get a strong vicarious
    thrill out of watching you, pafalfa, and... (well, i can't remember
    who usually does it, answerfinder i think?...) demolish the weasels
    that set these things up.

    i know it's probably because, as you say, they're idiots, but still,
    almost every single one does it. it seems like it would take some
    effort to set one of these sites up, and i just can't figure out why
    getting the post code right is so hard.

    please post you personal opinion to the following question as an official answer:

    1. is there ANY benefit you can possibly imagine for them to
    intentionally use a post code that doesn't match the address?

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