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    Watch out for People's Choice

    This mortgage company has several lawsuits against them already for fraudulant practices. I am having problems with them failing to provide a written payment history and pay-off balance, claiming a grossly inflated payoff balance, attempting to foreclose and incorrectly stating my payment history to credit reporting agencies making it difficult to impossible to refinance with a reputable mortgage company. I called my local representative to get help and he is actually also experiencing similar problems with them, so he was able to refer some good attorneys.

    My State's Attorney Consumer Protection agency seems to be VERY familiar with them too, meaning they have had a lot of complaints against them in our area. I still need to call the BBB and other resources (this just started to happen so I'm at the beginning of the discovery process.)

    Once I get the immediate problem of stopping the foreclosure underway, I'd love to get in touch with other home owners experiencing problems with this mortgage company (and it's affiliates like EMC mortage) so we can consider a class action, or get the FTC to take action against them.

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    Re: Watch out for People's Choice

    There is alarming issues with Peoples Choice Home Loans. They are basically down to one office in Irvine , Ca. They have unconscienable business practices. We were told on 1/5/07 that our office in Phoenix was closed as of that day, and Sacremento. The management is closing deals and not paying employees wages or commissions. It is clear that their are several lawsuits filed against them in California Superior Court for breach of contract, quiet title, conversion, and in federal court for fraud and truth in lending.
    It is a matter of time before they go down,clearly after they do their employees insuch a manor.

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