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    Russell Solomon Stock Scam

    I remitted a terrific amount of money to Russell Solomon of www.russellsolomon.info to "invest" for my account. From the second they began the "investing" I consistently month after month lost money. I would highly recommend that no one use Russell Solomon of www.russellsolomon.info unless of course you want to lose all your hard earned money.

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    Re: Russell Solomon Stock Scam

    Russell Solomon of www.russellsolomon.info got away with it with my money also. He "invested" my 401 k and lost it all. He churned the account and made commissions. He needs to be arrested for this egregious conduct

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    Re: Russell Solomon Stock Scam

    I know Russell Solomon personally and he is a leader of men. The fact that this site allows posts such as these to defame great people is vile. At some point the laws will change and the owners of these sites will be bankrupted ** the immense verocity of the lawsuits which will overwhelm them. I wish ill will on the owner of these sites and those that work there.

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    Re: Russell Solomon Stock Scam

    well, this thread is getting ugly. those first two posters have the same ip#, so could be the same guy?

    internet ethics also appears to have the same ip# as another poster.

    cut the crap guys.

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