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    Philippines investigator is a fraud

    the person known as Richard Allan Louren O. Alfonso is a fraud. he is not running a private investigation company listed under Filipino Freelance Private Investigator. He will take your money and worst will lie to you and destroy your relationship. this person is a fraud and a cheat. he also used the facebook page under Benjamine Israel

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    Re: Philippines investigator is a fraud

    Filipino Freelance Private Investigator: IS NOT a Private Investigation practice, but IS a totally BOGUS, FALSE webpage disguised as a Private Investigator.
    It's REAL purpose is to lure unsuspecting and honest, sincere people who might suspect that their partner is being dishonest with them, thus become ideal victims for this HEARTLESS, GREEDY and LYING SCAM-ARTIST, using the alias: "Richard Allan Louren O. Alfonso"...
    It appears that the person behind that FAKE identity is also the Owner of the website's hosting service: Sonikhost.com
    This WORTHLESS, LYING CON ARTIST that belongs nowhere else but in prison, will cheat you out of all the money he can, he will accomplish this by various means including lying, fraud and even EXTORTION (black-mail).
    Not satisfied with stealing money from you under false pretences, he will then proceed to destroy your relationship, even your life. FOR NO REASON!!
    You cannot do anything about this sub-human: he owns the web-hosting service, so you cannot complain to them, he deceptively obtains his funds from you via Western Union or Xoom money transfer, both services will do NOTHING about any complaint, once the transfer has been picked up, even when they are told that the recipient is a CRIMINAL! No, they are NOT CONCERNED!
    Don't ever send money to anyone you don't know via Western Union or Xoom, because once they have paid the recipient, they are no longer involved (that's what they told us anyway).
    His M.O:
    After you submit your inquiry online via the 'Contact us' page of his phoney website, he will send you an e-mail, always with an ‘@yahoo.com’ address, within a few minutes - his prompt response might even impress you. (We've confirmed that his e-mail as well as his phone numbers is always different for each 'case').
    His e-mail will explain how he and his (non-existent) 'men' will conduct their investigation and that the total cost for such an 'Investigation' is $600.00.
    He tells you that you must pay 50% - $300.00 deposit and send him the information and photographs of the person(s) you want him to follow...
    After a time (never 7 days) he will send you a very brief e-mail informing you that his 'After Surveillance Report' is ready for you to read...
    His written English communication skills are about as good as a 10 year old child's - which in itself should make one worry).
    You then must send him (via WU of course) the 50% remaining balance or $300.00.
    He tells you that after he has received the 'final payment', he will send you a password that will allow you to open his 'After Surveillance Report'.
    (Nobody's sure where exactly this 'report' is actually located, because so far, we haven't found any victims that have actually been given a 'report')!
    After you send him the $300.00 final payment, you will NEVER see any e-mails or any kind of communication from him again, like he just vanished or perhaps he died?
    Unfortunately, it is definitely not the latter, he is still out there alive and well, lying, cheating, stealing and generally wreaking havoc: ruining people's personal lives.

    IF you DO contact this DISPICABLE Oxygen thief that calls himself a 'person', DO NOT Contact him for the purpose of helping you establish the truth, by any of his bogus investigative services, if you do: you will most certainly wish you hadn't! HE WILL DESTROY YOU.
    Contact Filipino Freelance Private Investigator (http://filipinoinvestigator.ph)
    ONLY to express your total DISGUST at what he is doing and to warn him that he is now the subject of a REAL 'investigation' and he will soon be brought to justice...

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    Re: Philippines investigator is a fraud

    http://filipinoinvestigator.ph & its scammer owner Richard Allan Louren O. Alfonso are a fraud. He also uses the facebook name Roger Doron. .http://www.facebook.com/roger.doron
    He will just take your initial payment (50%) & then make out he has found out very bad evidence including a video that would shock you. Then he will say he needs to hire more agents and the fees have gone up. He will never send any evidence but instead just try to make you pay the final amount. Total scam!!!
    Somebody needs to report him to the NBI in Philippines.

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    Re: Philippines investigator is a fraud

    Yes Richard Allan Louren Alfonso of philipines private investigator is a fraud . I had a girlfriend that lived in philippines that i wanted to get some background info on because i was not sure if she was being faithfull and honest to me , i decided to look around on the net for a private investigator in philippines and came upon this guys website. He seemed legit and reputable because his website had documented cases that he worked on and alot of info about his business. I contacted him via telephone and we arranged a payment of half the total amount for him to find out background info on my girl . . Before i commited to pay he snet me a few messages inquiring when i was gonna send payment so he can start the work --- BUT like the other post said once u send the money its hard to reach or get any info out of him after that. i waited a week but no info then after calling him a few times i received an email with login instructions to view the so called report he had prepared. but when i tried to open it the password never worked it always said server down. I then made many calls to him and the only excuse i got was they were working on the server bottom line i finally gave up after trying to log in for a few weeks and calling the guy . Never received anything for my money this guy is a scam i dont believe he did any investigative work and purposefully sent me a dead link . Don't use the guy he is a scam artist unless you want to see throw away your money. Just find another private investigator he is a SCAM artist and shoud be investigated himself for his dishonesty.

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