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    www.wickedinnovations.com Philippines Web Development Scammers

    Scammed to the tune of $1800 by an offshore web design company based in the Philippines.

    Here's our story:

    10 weeks ago we hired http://www.wickedinnovations.com to code and design our script for ArcadeGameScript.com
    We show http://www.wickedinnovations.com what we would like done we show them the main arcade scripts GS and GSS and tell them we would like as good as these with added aggreed features.

    Well right from day one .....

    Day one we pay XXX of $$
    We chat on MSN with Tanya from wickedinnovations [email protected] (again for legal reasons all MSN conversations are saved and documented)
    We recieve a welcome email which Includes
    Your Web-Developer is scheduled for deployment on April 26, 2005 (PH Time)
    And also we are told in this email Who would work
    a Project Manager for every shift was assigned by the management
    Schedule: 2:00am-10:00am EST [email protected]
    So we let http://www.wickedinnovations.com get onto the project.
    They tell us it will take a total of 8 weeks.
    All started well we recieved daily updates telling us what had been done on that day. (examples, we have every email documented for legal reasons)

    May 1, 2006
    Good day!
    These are the tasks that your developer had done on the 1st day of May.
    The Developer started transferring the module to the test server; minor errors arose due to connections. Work on the Core Application is in continuous progress. The Admin and member pages are in `improvement` status. The Developer added images to the layout temporarily until there is an official layout design for the project. The administrative side needs changes in its codes for adding, deleting, banning and such for user/category managements.
    The Development is in accordance with the needed changes for the modules required.
    Thank you,

    May 5, 2006
    Hi Tony and Paul,
    Good day!
    These are the tasks that your developer had done this 5th day of May.
    The Developer had completed the registration process; minor adjustments with the scripts are being undergone. The required information from the user-end had been implemented. The SQL database needed changes and addition, which the Developer had done. Modifications in the scripts are in process.
    Thank you,

    May 10, 2006
    Hi Tony and Paul,
    Good day!
    The Developer is in the process of integrating the plug-ins to the module which is the banner-rotator, newsletter and swf functions. Development of the remaining list of additional plug-ins is in planning stage. These are also to be incorporated to the module. Errors are being sorted out by the Developer.
    Thank you,

    18TH MAY
    We have major concerns around this time because of what have on there test server for us. They are at this stage ripping gamescitescript.com (NOT GOOD)

    As you can see from the banner they cannot even get the domain correct GameScript.com ?? The know its ArcadeGameScript.com

    Look where I have placed the white arrow This shows how all clicikable links on the site where linked to GSS and remember this is also on there tests server.

    Please also remember we have had no requests for input from http://www.wickedinnovations.com ever at all at this stage.
    They know what we wanted we showed them gss and gs as samples of what features needed to be included plus additions.

    We tell them how we feel that what they are doing is so bad we are not happy.

    They then assure us this is only in the early stages not to worry.

    A while passes we leave them to there work.

    We EVENTUALLY get to week 7 in my eyes this is the time for us to recieve a BETA to start testing while they also finish off the design and also create our Index page as aggreed.
    This is what they present
    An Installer that is full of errors.

    And this

    We have a portfolio the size of Bristol containing all correspondences with www.wickedinnovations.com
    Most of it is in the hands of our legal team.

    This is what they call finished product after 9 weeks of work.

    another week has now passed and they WILL NOT GIVE US our money back GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
    They also refuse to let us speak to them on the phone, sometimes they answer the telephone and don't speak, sometimes they say it is the wrong number when it clearly isn't. And most of the time they simply refuse to answer the phone. At the last try it was the so called security guard this was at 8 pm G.M.T when albert has allready told us his working hours are 3pm - 11pm G.M.T

    The quality and standard of the work for $1800 is shocking.
    And we will let everyone on the www know how they treated us.

    This is a major major warning for anyone that is thinking of hiring offshore developers. This company is based in the Philippines. The company looked genuine, the website looked professional, the salesprson seemed professional.
    I have spent the last 2 days trying to telephone them with no avail.

    We work hard for our money, $1800 is a lot of money.
    Need a reminder of the final product after 10 weeks and $1800?
    Look again:

    Ironically they needed a test server and the domain we let them use is called My Quality Arcade. Damn. :(
    Be careful fellow www.scam.com members with who you do business with, this site checked out 100% fine but has turned into a disaster for us. But we will get our money back, believe me we will. :)

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    Re: www.wickedinnovations.com Philippines Web Development Scammers

    Also beware of:

    Same people, different name. :mad:

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    Re: www.wickedinnovations.com Philippines Web Development Scammers

    We have since recieved a full refund
    A case of misunderstanding and everything has been cleared up and settled by both parties.
    We consider the matter closed and we thank WICKED INNOVATIONS for their utmost
    sincerity and professionalism in finally resolving this issue to our mutual satisfaction.

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