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    Dean Graziosi 3 days workshop??

    Hello to all.... my husband went to a free seminar from D. Graziosi (D.G. wasn't there) in the DC area.. He thought it was very interesting and decided to sign up for the 3 days workshop that will cost him $2000... :1crysad:
    I am terrified it will be a rip off.... my husband is the type of guy that thinks if you never try.. you'll never succeed. He told me:"I know I'll have to work my ass off to make a deal but he thinks he can do it"..(By the way it's about Profit From Real Estate Right Now!: The Proven No Money Down System for Today's Market). Please help me understand.... there is a lot of people that claim they make $ thanks to him... is it all fake? Thank you!

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    Re: Dean Graziosi 3 days workshop??

    Probably not fake but your husband will not be making any money from attending the workshop. There is good information out there on how to get into real estate and if your husband investigate it he understand that a 3 day workshop is nowhere near the time and effort it take to get a handle on the market.

    He will probably be asked to attend another seminar/workshop for ~$10.000 since it is easier to get money from someone who alreade has fallen for the to learn the stuff needed and they being offered 1 year coaching for ~$50.000. These are the figures I have read and heard about in these types of workshops.
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    Re: Dean Graziosi 3 days workshop??

    It's EASY to spend 10's of $1000's on real estate investing education. It's hard to put it into use. It will require HARD work and persistence. If your husband is committed to the effort, can handle rejection and take lots of no's to get a few yeses, then he can do it. If not, he might as well join Amway.
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    Re: Dean Graziosi 3 days workshop??

    I was removed from the course because i challenged the speakers info and did not buy. The first day and a half was all about how to change your life and programing you to buy one of 3 programs from $18K to $48k. I learned nothing for the $2,000 i spent other then I needed to take a program to learn about RE. It was very controlling, not letting you stand up in the room. Challenging, intimidating you and trying to embarrass you if you dont go on.
    Stephen, a well rehearsed motivational speaker was nice but gave very little RE info. He is a SALES MOTIVATOR! look it up. Companies hire him to pump and sell and he is good at it.
    It was one of the VERY WORSE courses i have ever taken and i have taken MANY. I get more info from REI club and investor meetings then i did here. On Sunday AM, since i did not buy they would not let me go back in the class for the rest of the day and would not refund my money.
    They really have the t's crossed and I's dotted to cover their but. You have been warned! It is a total waste of time and money. (March 2012-Tampa, FL)

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    Re: Dean Graziosi 3 days workshop??

    Your husband got sold a dream. These seminars are designed NOT to teach but instead, like a previous responder posted, motivate you and sell you a dream. This Stephen Edwards you mention is a classic con artist - he brings in your dreams, your family, and your God as a method to take advantage and defraud the people at the class.

    The packages they sell are designed to do the same. These can run from as little as $5,000 all the way to $100,000 with other companies (can't make that up!). Once the "mark" reaches the "advanced training" they are given just enough and are reinforced that they made a "great choice".

    The "mentors" are all people who can talk the talk and a few of them actually are successful real estate investors. They get paid pretty well do to these classes, about $1,000 per day.

    Don't be surprised that even after you spend $10,000 to $30,000 you get a call from the "elite" group manager who wants to tack on another $10,000 to $20,000 for something more individualized.

    Don't be surprised if, at the event you go to, you are encouraged to buy properties ABOVE market value. ALWAYS DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH.

    Other motivational fake real estate gurus are Steve Sitkowski, Ryan Smith, Cherif Medawar, Adam Sachs, Gerald Martin, Stephen Edwards, Brian Dushair, Dino Fabrezio, and numerous others.

    These "mentors" mainly did it on their own with a little help from the internet, books, and maybe someone they could call with questions. But VERY FEW IF ANY AT ALL paid the big money to go to these classes.

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    Re: Dean Graziosi 3 days workshop??

    Quote Originally Posted by iamwil View Post
    ah the ole free package to sell the 2k package to sell the 18k package to sell the 48k package, to get you on the 1k per month inner circle list....
    Nothing changed in the past 40 years except they've added a zero to the cost of everything....
    Let's see. The old free sample, with only $9.95 for S&H, that gets you on the phone with someone who doesn't want to send you only the one bottle of $200 dollar a gallon water sprinkled with cactus powder. That gets you on an autoship.............

    Shall we go on?

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    Re: Dean Graziosi 3 days workshop??

    Yep i agree

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    Re: Dean Graziosi 3 days workshop??

    Quote Originally Posted by reseminar007 View Post
    Don't be surprised that even after you spend $10,000 to $30,000 you get a call from the "elite" group manager who wants to tack on another $10,000 to $20,000 for something more individualized.
    It's true, I went to the 3 day workshop ages ago. I thought it was ok, I didn't really learn that much but I could afford the $2k fee.

    However since then I've got so many phone calls from different companies trying to sell me money making memberships ranging from $5k to $30k.

    I guess they sold my contact details. These people on the phone can be very persuasive too. I can see how people would fall for it and max out their credit card to join up.

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    Re: Dean Graziosi 3 days workshop??

    I never heard of Dean Graziosi til I just read this thread. He is a powerhouse. Seems alot like Trump University.

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