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    Beware Of Genesis Financial Llc/corey Kulek

    BEWARE OF GENESIS FINANCIAL LLC, COREY KULEK, OR ANY OF ITS ASSOCIATES! This company is stealing peoples money and in return promising to give them a research of chain of title for their mortgages and join them to a MERS class action lawsuit. They have made promises they can save clients homes and these false promises have left me without a home. The lawsuit is a joke! They have not once shown me or my friend who is also enrolled in this scam anything that shows we are enrolled in the actual lawsuit or "joined" to it. I received no chain of title research. What they tried to pass off as a "research" was merely a "QWR" form that request the loan docs from the bank. Anyone can download a "QWR" online and send it to their bank for free. It is a scam! do not pay for any services from this company or its agents! save your money and hire a real attorney. Their attorneys do not respond to any emails sent to them and do not return any phone calls. THIS IS A SCAM! Report them to your District Attorney or Attorney General!

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    Re: Beware Of Genesis Financial Llc/corey Kulek

    Thanks for the post, we really need to be careful before it's too late. I even heard that payday loan customers are becoming the target of some scams. Money is tight for several customers in today's economy. Payday loans can be a resource for people living close to their means when unforeseen expenses occur. But some scammers are preying on their vulnerability by using intimidating calls to intimidate them into paying payday advance debts they do not owe. I found this here: Scammers target payday loan customers.

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