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    Re: VMdirect helloworld looks like a real scam

    Quote Originally Posted by dmreed View Post
    Wow Doc Obvious, you are pointing out that stocks are declining like 90% of the businesses out there. Kind of happens during a recession. Why don't you go ahead and lead people to a link where they can read about the Wall Street crash. Will give your statements a little credibility. People may not actually know what is going on in the US right now. But my question is, how did a SCAM work their way to be publicly traded?
    Many stocks dropped 50% from their highs in this bear market. This stock has declined from a high of over $10 in late 2006 to now being 3 cents! a staggering loss and one that started happening a year before the 2007 market high.

    next, someone here said:

    They dont have much money so you better hurry before it runs out.

    I was approched by a reseller today. The product seems like a nice mash-up of some technologies. But there are DEEP financial concerns.

    The majority owner of these products is:

    DigitalFX International, Inc. (DGFX.PK)

    This is their cash flow report. Their acceleration of loss of cash is shocking.


    Their income statement is equally concerning:


    Perhaps there is room to make money as a motivated MLM rep for this group. However, if a bankruptcy occurs, (look at those financials again) all contracts with affiliates are OFF. The result of this could be shocking to the network of business builders.

    Then to the users, the system might not go under, but rather be sold. Then the T&C will likely be re-written. You will have to live with the new deal, or stop using the service.

    Right now, in my opinion, their financial house is deeply out of kilter.

    I wish them and all the resellers the best.

    Desoto Bill

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    Re: VMdirect helloworld looks like a real scam

    First of all, joining something like hello world does not mean you "own" a business. This is true, if hello world stopped offering products then you are out of a job. You do not have a direct say in when they should stop, create, or suspend a product.

    Secondly, an MLM is not like corporate America. MLM's are disorganized by having random people trying to sell their product. They have little control over profitable revenue. For example, in a corporation they create a product called X. They have a strategy for X, a goal for X to sell a hopeful quantity, and employee's are usually kept up on how X is performing. In an MLM, nobody knows when X has been met or is underachieving. Suppose if X reached a quantity in an MLM, they would miss the opportunity to change the cost for X. There is no real supply and demand theory.

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    Re: VMdirect helloworld looks like a real scam

    Then I guess owning a piece of an Arby's Franchise, means you don't own that either. If Arby's decides they aren't selling roast beef sandwiches anymore, where does that leave the franchise owners? So actually they have no direct say in when they should stop, create, or suspend a product. They're told what special sandwich they will sell, when, and how long.

    I've been in the business for several years now and have legally filed tax returns as an e-mail marketing/mobile marketing provider. My advertising and expenses are claimed year after year. Since it is a service and not a product, no tax id is involved. It's no different than starting a computer repair in your basement. I actually create and send e-mail campaigns for businesses and charge them what I want just using the product. If a business wants to do it on their own, then I sell them an AttainResponse account. No different than a webmaster.

    Sure if VMDirect decided that they are not going to offer the product anymore, where does that put me. But if Ford decided they aren't going to manufacture cars anymore, where does that put other people? No product, no reason to sell, market, or produce.

    What you're missing here is that VMDirect sells technology. Small/medium business marketing tools. There isn't a consumable product. The network, infrastructure, servers, and etc... are already in place. They're just in the pushing bytes business.

    MLM's are just a different system to having sales staff on hand. Is it cheaper for them to have Joe as an affiliate selling their product? Or having Jan employed full time? Let's see Jan making $30,000 a year, medical benefits, retirement plan, taking days off and trying to find someone to cover her, maybe paid vacations, yadda yadda yadda. There's a lot to think about when hiring full time sales staff. So Joe is probably the choice to go with. FYI there are thousands of businesses that use affiliate marketing for their sales staff. ConstantContact is one of the biggest e-mail marketing clients and they have an affiliate program.

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    Re: VMdirect helloworld looks like a real scam

    Well put Dmreed! You nailed it. All I know is for the 1st time in my life I'm self employed and I love it. I sell AR, I use A Response, I use it to market cars, boats, and RV's for private party sellers, I've built up a group of almost 60 people in the last 5 months because the product sells itself. The fact that it's 20% on a customer or an affiliate means that the product isn't a decoy for a recruiting company, it's a real product that people go crazy over. I don't give a %&^$ what people say about VMD, it's changed my car business and it's changed and personalized the way I communicate and people call ME to ask when we can get together.


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