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    Beware of China's Sellers

    I recently bought some shoes for resale purposes from a particular website.
    They had a pic of the shoes which had a blue interior, and they looked authentic, after recieveing the shoes, the shoes had a white interior and a different sole. i did not notice this until I actually sold a pair of shoes, and the person showed me the oversight. Some people kept the shoes, and some wnated a refund. i have refunded them, but Now, i'm stuck with shoes that are almost unsellable. The company that I bought the shoes from let me use a pic from their website, since I had already purchased the shoes. Now I realized that I had been duped. unfortuantely, this company is in China and I'm here in the US. Well I contacted them, and they said that if I ordered more shoes, they'll send me addtional pairs for free. But of course I don't want to order any more shoes from them, and they have also said if i don't like that particular offer, to conatct the law. I have people willing to help me, including those who were refunded. Can anyone tell me what proper channels I can go to report this, and get results??

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    Re: is this a case of bait and switch and if so, can I get help?

    [QUOTE=bvzxa]this company is in China and I'm here in the US.[QUOTE]
    Don't deal with commies. Problem solved.

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    Bamboozling Chinese Company

    It is a common practice of most China companies to say “yes they can do it” but after getting your payment, their delivery is full of mistakes and they will not return your payment. So I am writing to share and inform all consumers out there about an unethical business practice committed by a Chinese company in Shanghai against one company I know and all you readers MUST NOT BUY from this BAMBOOZLING company. Details as follows:

    Business Department Manager

    International Trade Department

    SHANGHAI WENTONG CHEMICALS CO. LTD. (WENTONG GROUP)12/F No.985 Dong Fang Road, Pudong, 200122 Shanghai, China

    Please allow me to give a brief background of what happened with this victim company. The victim company is a trader and they had to source for a Potassium Nitrate chemical manufacturer/supplier for their customer’s requirements. They came across a Shanghainese Company named Shanghai Wentong Chemicals Co. Ltd. through internet research, in short, they made an enquiry, got a reply and quotation and transaction went smoothly at first. They signed a sales contract with this company last March 2005. Sales Contract states that delivery will take effect within two weeks after receipt of deposit and that said sales contract did not state that if buyer cancels the order due to mistake of supplier’s side, supplier can confiscate the buyer’s deposit. Being a trader, the victim had to make sure all specification of their customer’s requirement was followed and they forwarded it to SWC and strictly emphasized to SWC that they must strictly follow all our specification especially the specially-designed packing/bag of the item.

    It was agreed by both parties that SWC will produce a sample of the packing bag for victim’s approval, SWC sent the sample to victim and when victim received the sample, victim said it was wrong and there was a grievous mistake on the design, victim asked SWC to change/revise the sample it made and send back to victim for approval. But to victim’s surprise, the typical Chinese company SWC refused to produce another sample because SWC mass produce the packing bag already and they refused to revise their mistake because all the packing bag for the victim’s entire order was already produced. Contrary to what was agreed that SWC will not mass produce the packing bag without victim’s approval on the sample packing bag. Because of this refusal of SWC to correct the bags, victim refused to continue the order because naturally, how can victim sell the goods with wrong packing with was a very vital factor on selling the product to victim’s country.

    Victim immediately notified SWC that it wanted to cancel its order and asked for refund of its deposit since SWC refused to correct the packing. I think you will all agree when I say, why pay for something you did not buy? If you’re going to buy a Rolex watch, of course, you want to get the whole original item, you wouldn’t pay for a Rolex watch with a missing hand or screw right?

    SWC bamboozled victim by saying it did not want to return the deposit of victim because victim cancelled the order. Following the sales contract it is obvious that SWC made a mistake and did not want to take responsibility for it. From June 2005 up to present, victim contacted SWC by email, fax and telephone call but the following SWC personnel mentioned, refused to reply to victim. So last August 2006, victim went to SWC’s office in China, but victim was refused entry to their office and the company’s receptionist informed victim that said personnel mentioned were no longer with SWC. But to victim’s surprise, just when it was leaving the SWC premises, it bump into one of the SWC personnel it was looking for, victim confronted SWC staff and SWC promised to return the deposit of victim. But up to this date, no refund ever came to victim’s account. Victim even suspects that this is the usual modous operandi of this company.

    Victim exerted & exhausted all remedies to find SWC personnel but to no avail. Victim is now on the process of filing civil and criminal charges against LYDIA LEE (aka LEE YING) CANDICE WANG and the company they represent and have requested from all associations in China to ban this company from their association.

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    Beware Tinpanyang electronics

    I am writing to ask everyone to be aware of the following site.www.tpydqmc.com it is tinpanyang electronics in China. I paid for some products from here as I had been told you get good deals in china. However after paying by direct bank deposit $415.15US to the account supplied on the site the response I keep getting is
    'Dear friend,
    > Thank you for your letter.we really can't find your payment on our
    >bank account.

    After 4 weeks of getting this response from the site, and having the bank confirm payment. I am accepting that this money is lost, however would like others to be aware. So that they to do not lose money. :o

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    Re: Beware Tinpanyang electronics

    Quote Originally Posted by gadgetgirl
    I am writing to ask everyone to be aware of the following site.www.tpydqmc.com it is tinpanyang electronics in China. I paid for some products from here as I had been told you get good deals in china. However after paying by direct bank deposit $415.15US to the account supplied on the site the response I keep getting is
    'Dear friend,
    > Thank you for your letter.we really can't find your payment on our
    >bank account.

    After 4 weeks of getting this response from the site, and having the bank confirm payment. I am accepting that this money is lost, however would like others to be aware. So that they to do not lose money. :o
    One more person learns the hard way that buying expensive stuff (anything over $10) from China is an excellent way to lose your money or get counterfeit merchandise.

    Deal with merchants that accept credit cards. Avoid merchants that want payment in cash or cash equivalents. You have absolutely no recourse dealing with someone in China.

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    Yi Wu Shendige Export & Import Co. LTD. Alibaba

    Yi Wu Shendige Export & Import Co. LTD. is a company out of China, that uses the Alibaba directory to SCAM innocent people of money...

    They Stole $4000.00 from me using Alibaba as there disguise.
    Talk about Rogue operations...

    Here is how Yi Wu Shendige Export & Import Co. LTD. s their potential clients and steals their money...

    1. They have this phony person name Helen (not real name ) contact people via skype and alibaba ... She sends wire transfer information as to where the money can be sent for stock items list on a phony site... She promises to have her broker contact you to clear the items... None of this takes place other then - we are sorry we sent the product and it got lost.... If you want the product you need to send us more money and we will send again... It's not our fault it got lost. We can send you more, once you pay us again... She then explains how she will alter the paper work to fool Customs officers and how this company she uses will sign off on the false documentation and deliver it... She says don't worry we will deliver and they won't get caught falsifying documents for illegal entry into the United States... All this after they take money for the first order of POKER CHIP LIGHTERS...

    Yi Wu Shendige Export & Import Co. LTD. is a very corrupt company being represented by someone claiming to be Helen.

    No phone number - just skype contact ....

    Don't be as dumb and nieve like me - thank god Yi Wu Shendige Export & Import Co. LTD. only stole $4000.00 the prostitute Helen they have working the internet for future victims wanted me to send $10,000.00 US

    Don't send this company any money - not only will you not get the products you ordered in good faith - you won't get your money back, because it will be your fault you did not receive the products according to this hooker calling herself HELEN... She does nothing to locate the product and you get no confirmation or paperwork.... Internet Con-Artists working out of China ...

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    Re: Yi Wu Shendige Export & Import Co. LTD. Alibab

    I am sorry but you deseved it. Sending money by wire is a easiest scam in a book. And hoping that some Chisese site is going to filter scammers? Wow! You should take some real classes insteat of MIM ones.

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    Re: Yi Wu Shendige Export & Import Co. LTD. Alibab


    YOU are a scumbag, but I guess you know that already.
    Don't let me find out you are working with that chinese hooker named helen and ripping money off people on the internet you dumb cunt... It's because of internet trolls like you and this dirt bag of a company Yi Wu Shendige Export & Import Co. LTD. Alibab --- that innocent people have a bad taste in their mouths when it comes to the internet...

    Now if that ugly chick is you - take that Dildo of a dog and stick it right about there sh_t for brains....

    No one deserves to be ripped off - just like you don't deserve to have your ass kicked...

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    Darren Frederico Airking Shi Guo Cheng

    I wanna get this guys details out so anyone else googlin his details wont get scammed like i did. Ordered 2 iphones from him of course never came. Is unbelievable how many low life dogs are out there doin this. But i did not just accept it. I have been contacting him under different email addresses to get as many details about him as i can. So now i will plaster them all over the net so he cant rip off others and when his family members google his name( as you do) they will see what he does for a "low down dog" living. He goes under these names........Darren Frederico, Jodie Lee....His fake companies are called Airking and Gold crystal......his real name is Shi Guo Cheng and his scam partner is Zhao Ping Li.....their address is Rm511,Xueyuan Rd,ChengXiang,
    Ph: +86-15892057158....and his bank account details are...... Cheng Shi Guo
    Bank: Bank of China JinJiang SubBranch MeiLing Office FuJian China
    Bank Address: No.43 South Rd. XinDaJie QinYang JinJiang FuJian China
    Swift Code: BKCHCNBF73B
    A/C No: 4552812-0188-016623-1.............

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    Re: Darren Frederico Airking Shi Guo Cheng

    Let me guess, phones were latest model but half price. They take exclusively wire transfers. Website is from China.

    Welcome to kingdom of gullible suckers. Do not use wire to pay for merchandise and do not shop outside your country. If you do one of those two things again, you will deserve it.

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    Re: Darren Frederico Airking Shi Guo Cheng

    i ordered 5 pieces iPhone 16GB from a guys in Shenzhen, it is real and very nice quality, the company called evvlong fjptczz,we will try do more business with him

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    Nikon Corporation Junk Camera Scam



    From Nikon's own website
    Our Philosophy
    Trustworthiness & Creativity

    Our Aspirations
    Meeting needs and Exceeding Expectations

    Our Commitments
    Communicate Well
    Seek New Knowledge
    Display Integrity

    Michio Kariya the President and CEO of Nikon gives a rousing summation of the goals of the company in his “Message From The President” where he extols the greatness and purpose of all employees to raise the company to a higher technological and productive level. No where in Mr Kariya's statement nor in the company philosophy is there any mention about the service to or the concern for the welfare of their customers and it shows in the real life dealings with the company. As stated in the my letters to the company I have been a firm buyer of mostly Japanese products for the past 20 years because the quality in the big ticket and electronic items were superior to American products. It has become increasingly evident in the past several years that this has changed because the manufacturing outsourcing of their products to cheap labor countries without quality control.

    This same corporate arrogance and greed in believing that the company can produce junk and sell it without repercussions is found also in the corporate customer service department. Rick Houghton, Senior Manager of Customer Relations, finally contacted me, informing me that the company would only pay the base $99.00 cost of the camera and nothing else. As the following letters will show this is an insult and public relations screw up of epic proportions. I remember the two American companies of Sears and K-Mart 30 years ago behaving in the same way when they were the largest retailers in the world and look at them now. Rick Houghton does not have the faintest idea what customer service is because the philosophy does not exist in Nikon corporation.

    Nikon Corporation has lost two thirds of it's stock value in the past 7 months and with the rapidly approaching world economic depression the company if it even survives will be whittled down to a tiny remnant of it's former self. People during such hard times will only buy quality products from companies that have stellar customer service and just like Sears and K-Mart before them they have long since forgotten both pillars of basic business practices. Rick Houghton will be in a soup line in a couple of years still wondering what happened to his job.

    Key developments for NIKON CORP (NINOY)

    Nikon Lays Off 1,500 in Thailand as Demand Slumps
    Nikon Corp. has laid off 1,500 sub-contractors in Thailand, after a fall in demand put down to the global financial crisis. Most of those losing jobs at Nikon had worked at its manufacturing plant for less than a year.
    Nikon Corp. reported earnings results for the first half ended September 30, 2008. For the period, the company net profit decreased 2.4% to JPY 33.6 billion. Revenue was up 9.3% to JPY 487.1 billion. Operating profit decreased 14.5% to JPY 54.1 billion and ordinary profit fell 9.8% to JPY 53.1 billion. Earnings per share dropped from JPY 82.7 to JPY 81.3.
    Nikon Corp. Revised Earnings Guidance for the Year Ending March 2009
    Nikon Corp. revised earnings guidance for the year ending March 2009. For the year, the company expects a 38% drop in net profit to ¥47 billion ($478 million), down from a previous target of ¥78 billion, due to a stronger yen and a weak global economy. The company lowered its full-year operating profit outlook to ¥82 billion from ¥130 billion and its revenue projection to ¥940 billion from ¥980 billion.

    Following the brief history of the incident regarding the Nikon CoolPix16 camera posted on this PRODUCT SCAM WARNING will present all the communications between Nikon Corporation and myself or better put mostly mine because customer service is not found in the company philosophy. There will be a special website created for the Nikon Corporation that will in the next two years expose every flaw in the company's products and corporate structure and finances and personnel like Rick Houghton who has not learned that the most important asset any company can have is it's customers. Screw the customers over the way Nikon and Rick Houghton have done to me and your company is doomed. Screw customers over when the world is entering an economic depression and you company is finished.

    Nikon corporation was once viewed as a premier producer of camera products and advertising on television was not necessary. Now they need movie stars dancing around on their commercials with a Nikon camera to sell their products to the unsuspecting public. Nikon corporation is going to find a hard road down hill for them and I will do everything necessary to expose the truth about the junk they are selling and the arrogance of their corporate structure which obviously has contempt for it's customers.


    On September 20th 2008 I purchased a Nikon Coolpix16 digital camera at the Wal-Mart store in Jupiter, Florida to replace the Nikon Coolpix10 camera that was stolen from my sons backpack while he stayed at a hostel in Spain. I wanted to buy another Coolpix10 because it had thus far been a good durable basic camera but found the store no longer cared them but had the up graded version the Coolpix16. In 33 days the camera started to malfunction and then became totally un-usable. Wal-Mart has a 30 day return policy on Cameras so I mailed it to the Nikon repair facility in New York as it was still under warranty. After a week in their shop they could not figure out how to repair it and sent me a new replacement camera. I had been without a camera for almost three weeks by the time the replacement had arrived plus the cost of shipping it with insurance that cost about $10.00 and the handling of mailing it.

    Within one week of the arrival of the replacement Coolpix16 it to malfunctioned with the flash un-operative. I took it to some camera “Geeks” that quickly diagnosed it by just playing with it as having a bad capacitor chip for the flash, saying that this is becoming more common in Nikon cameras due to their outsourcing of labor and poor quality control. In other words fatten the company's pockets and the stock holders by screwing the customers. I returned this camera to the same facility with another letter saying I had enough of Nikon junk and that the company would refund me the full amount for the camera plus the shipping cost and because the company had wasted so much of my time, it would provide me with a camera for free of such quality that it would not break down. The company ignored me until finally Rick Houghton the customer relations representative contacted me informing me that only the base cost of the camera would be refunded and nothing else. Rick Houghton is either the most arrogant or the most incompetent customer service representative I have ever seen. To think he can screw customers over and use them as guinea pigs to test new product cameras out for the company without any consequences is unbelievable.

    I was amazed of the amount of resentment that owners of Nikon cameras have regardless of what model it was. The inability to reach anyone by email because such information is keep secret has created customer anger like I have never seen with any another company. The comments and resentment truly brings out and defines Nikon Corporation as a true SCAM COMPANY. It is a PONZI SCAM where they prey on the new unsuspecting customers selling then junk.

    The below emails and letters give you an idea of how Nikon Corporation works and a general warning/advise to stay away from Nikon Cameras. The website I will create and start will be turned over to others that work for me next year and will be given one objective. To tell the complete truth in exposing the junk Nikon sells in all its divisions and to expose the waste and corruption in the company.


    Attn: Corporate Headquarters
    Christopher *********

    Attn: Service Department
    1300 Walt Whitman Road
    Melville, New York

    Once again I have in my possession another Nikon camera that is a piece of junk. The first one lasted a month, this one only a week. The first camera was shipped back to the Service Department and after a week of working on it they gave up and sent me a new one (See attached letter sent with the returned camera). The replacement camera lasted only one week before the flash capacitor burned out in it which means no flash. This is what Nikon is going to do and my terms are non-negotiable or debatable.
    (1) Nikon will send me a full refund for the camera and all expenses related to it that are itemized below.
    (2) In addition Nikon will send me a NEW top of the line absolutely your best quality digital camera the company produces that is of such quality and durability that it will impress me and very few things impress me any more. You will do this for the misery and work and stress related to sending me such a piece of shit as the Coolpix L16 camera.

    Nikon will do both of the above VERY.......VERY quickly because Nikon Corporate Headquarters knows that if news of such crap being sold by the company ever gets out on a website that I will create especially for Nikon, it will be very bad for business at a time when Nikon needs every customer they can get. Below are five websites published by me in the past two months to give the company an idea. No one screws me over and gets away with it. A good high quality camera plus a full refund or your own personal website, the choice is yours. Don't both having your attorneys send me any threat about law suits because I love it when people do that. The camera will be shipped back to your Service Department. I do not want to see this piece of shit again.


    Camera cost plus tax: $99.84 + $6.49 Tax = $106.33
    Shipping 2 times $9.67 (2)= $19.34
    Total $ 125.67 Amount Due


    Christopher ***********

    Christopher *********
    Customer Service Department
    1300 Walt Whitman Road
    Melville, New York

    I have made it a point to purchase Japanese manufactured products for many years because the quality has been far better than the products manufactured in my own county the United States. Your new model Coolpix L16 camera is a piece of junk and Nikon should be ashamed of selling it to customers and having them be the unwilling testers of the camera. Your Coolpix L10 was a far better camera.

    At 56 years old I have little patience with companies that produce junk that I get stuck with. Reference two previous letters. Nikon has a very short time to refund all my money spent on your Coolpix L16 camera and send me as compensation for my time lost and frustration, a camera that will not break down that is NOT a L16. Failure to do so will be considered and act of war and I will go after your company to expose every defect not only in your product lines but also in Nikon corporate structure and financial stability beginning with a website for Nikon. Nikon should be ashamed of itself and the whole world is about to know about it.


    Christopher ********* email: auto457*****************

    From: auto457**************
    To: [email protected]
    Date: Tue, 09 Dec 2008 13:55:05 -0500
    Mr. Houghton
    Thank you for contacting me regarding the problems with your
    camera. To clarify the nature of the letters sent Nikon thus far. I
    grew up on the rough side of the world and because of this I have
    my limits of tolerance with people, companies and governments that
    once such limits are passed I throw the rules of civility out the
    window. As an investor in companies I am full aware of what makes
    companies great and what makes poor. Companies and their countries
    grow because of the quality of the products they produce and their
    reputation derived from those products. Companies live or die by
    the reputation they have earned. My ancestors where members of the
    Plymouth Colony in 1621-22 but I have shunned most American
    products for the past 20 years trusting Japanese products instead
    because of the quality. As an investor and a consumer I am
    beginning to feel a change in the wind.
    As stated in the first letter for the first Coolpix16 camera, I did
    have a Coolpix10 that was a good basic camera that my son liked a
    lot until it was stolen by the gypsies that ran the Funkbackpackers
    Hostel in Granada, Spain (reference the two websites with more to
    follow). The Coolpix10 was not available as a replacement camera
    so I bought the Coolpix16 which turned out to be a disaster that
    has chewed up my time and prevented my son from using it for his
    school functions . Two Coolpix16 pieces of junk in a row is my
    limit. I am not a field tester of your cameras and neither will I
    pay the price for it.
    I have money and it has caused me nothing but problems because of
    slimy relatives and slimy governments. I believe in justice and
    will go to what ever lengths for as many years necessary to achieve
    it. What I expect from Nikon is the return of the money spent on
    the Coolpix16 which is $125.67 and a good basic camera comparable
    to the Coolpix16 for all the frustration endured from two bad
    cameras and for Nikon to correct the problem in the manufacture of
    that camera so other consumers do not meet the same fate. My son
    would prefer a new Coolpix10 like the one stolen. What is important
    is that the camera does not break down and cause any further
    resentment of my son or myself has toward Nikon. You have a chance
    to keep customers by treating them with fairness and respect or
    gain enemies like you never believed possible. Every company I have
    watch for the past 30 years that has failed did so because
    management was to worried about their stock holders and filling
    their own greedy pockets and not about the customers. I expect
    fairness and more importantly my son expects fairness.
    Regards, Christopher ***************

    From: auto457*************
    To: [email protected]
    Date: Wed, 10 Dec 2008 20:18:19 -0500
    Rick, your lack of a reply says it all. I will be buying a new
    camera of another brand the first of next week having had to do
    without one far to long because of Nikon Corporation. Immediately
    after the purchase I will begin the posting on SCAM identification
    websites the story about the Coolpix16 camera and the behavior of
    Nikon's employees. This will expand into a separate website just
    for Nikon that will over the next year expose everything about the
    corporations faults from an investment perspective and the defects
    in the companies product lines. Once this process starts it will
    not stop. Rick Houghton will be out of a job about this time.
    Wal-Mart Corporation will be given a detail account of the event so
    they can better judge the wisdom of selling certain Nikon products.
    All the major news agencies will also know the story as will the
    American public. I think under the circumstances Americans just may
    be tired of buying Japanese junk that is now made in China and
    getting screwed by the lack of quality. You have until I purchase
    another camera next week to refund my money and have in my
    possession another camera or your career will be over with.


    Christopher *****************

    From: "Houghton Richard Jr."
    To: auto457******************
    Date: Thu, 11 Dec 2008 17:15:43 -0500
    Dear Mr. ***************

    I apologize I was out of the office on Wednesday.

    Nikon will support this situation by either replacing that Coolpix with
    a like Coolpix or we will refund the purchase price for the camera in
    question as a matter of goodwill.

    We support the terms of our warranty and we are very sorry you have
    experienced a problem with this camera. We are not going to be able to
    honor your request for us to refund this camera plus provide you with a
    complimentary new camera.

    Please let me know which option you prefer at your earliest convenience.

    Rick Houghton

    From: auto457******************
    To: "Houghton Richard Jr."
    Date: Thu, 11 Dec 2008 17:42:16 -0500

    I would put the check in the mail tomorrow. If the FULL reasonable
    demands as I have stated previously are not met, posting will
    commence next week on product scam websites and followed shortly
    after by a website exposing Nikon Corporation and it's products.
    Copies of all emails/letters have repeatedly been sent to both your
    corporate headquarters in Tokyo, Japan and to your American, New
    York office. Wal-mart corporate office and the local Wal-mart store
    will be sent notice along with all copies by regular post tomorrow
    of the conflict that is about to become very public.(see below
    copy). The alleged check for just the base cost of the camera if it
    arrives will be noted in the postings and website. I care not what
    your procedures are only that I have been screwed over royally by
    your defective product and there is a price to pay for, that Nikon
    Corporation and you personally will pay for.

    From: auto457
    To: [email protected]
    Date: Sun, 14 Dec 2008 20:39:13 -0500

    Rick, you have until the afternoon of the 19th to return my money
    ($125.67)and have a new good quality camera in my possession or the
    attachment in this email will be published on 6 scam product
    websites that night and more the following week. Two weeks later
    there will be a website about Nikon followed by one especially for
    you. This will be sent to you corporate headquarters in Japan.

    Christopher ***************
    December 12th 2008
    email: auto457*************

    H. Lee Scott, Jr., CEO/President/Director
    Wal-Mart Stores, Incorporated
    702 Southwest 8th Street

    Bentonville AR 72716

    Mr Scott

    Be advised that there is an ongoing state of conflict between myself and Nikon Corporation regarding a camera purchased at your Jupiter, Florida store. Although Wal-mart Corporation is not directly involved and has no legal obligations to either party, I felt it only fair to advise your corporation that the name and circumstances and location of the store where the camera was purchased will be used in the planned website exposing Nikon Corporation and its products. I would advise your corporation that it may want to consider the type and quality of Nikon products that it sells in it's stores. This issue is about the principle of not being ripped off or scammed by anyone which seems to allude Nikon Corporation. Action as described will begin against Nikon Corporation around the middle of next week after I have purchased a new camera to replace their junk one and such action will not end regardless of any legal action on their part. I will be returning to Asia to live shortly and my people there will take over and expand on the scam website regarding Nikon Corporation.


    Christopher *************

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    Re: Darren Frederico Airking Shi Guo Cheng

    Darren Frederico is sure 100% fake
    I have transfer order cost but, not have goods send to me.
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    Scam Company In Uk & China !

    Go-Golden International Trading Company iS SCAMMER FROM UK, REAL is NIGERIA:judges:

    Code Development Limited IS SCAMMER FROM UK, REAL is NIGERIA:judges:

    EMarket4You IS SCAMMER FOM CHINA:judges:

    don't trade with them, they are real scammer, They are Platinum Member in some trade list, ask to COD not wire transfer, they have legit proof but still scammer, beware of them, don't loose your money with them. i have reported them to FBI department.

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    ecplaza and tradekey scam.

    Hello forum ;
    On 23rd of June (last month) I have been instructed by the caretaker of a local orphanage home to purchase a Apple 17" MacBook Pro 2.5GHz for the orphan so that I could teach them how to use Mac OS X.
    I was approched by this lady with this celluler phone number 86-151-6048-0814 and email address Cherry for this transaction .
    After she issue me a performa invoice she asked me to bank in 520USD via T/T to this account:-
    Chen QingQi
    BEN'S ACCOUNT: 6013 8264 0700 3139 322
    BENEFICIARY INSTITUTIONk of china putian branch
    BENEFICIARY'S ADDRESS: putian,fujian,china.
    After making payment to her account, she started to give excuse such as since the laptop is too heavy so we cannot ask FEDEX to ship and we ship via EMS . The second time was the custom clearance . She say she already ship the goods via EMS and gave me this tracking number EE087928927CN which turn out to be no information for the shipment. I have telephone her a few times and begged her to ship the goods because as a human being you cannot cheat those poor orphan children. But until now she refuse to answer my call at all.
    If you deal with this animal please becareful.She don't have a heart at all.
    The seller website is :-http://oneup.en.ecplaza.net/

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    DVD Collects - Handon China - Pirated Movies

    Does anyone know where you can report pirated movie sellers.
    I bought a boxed set of NCIS DVDs from DVDCollects,they were dropshipped from handan china,paid over $70 with shipping for them.The invoice from the dropshipper has $8 value on it ! :zx11pissed:
    The DVDs are taped from the T.V you can see pop up ads throughout and the channel logo.

    DVDCollects are still yet to get back to me about my complaint.
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