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    Neil Chandran - AVOID AT ALL COST

    This guy is a smooth talking criminal, who is constantly moving from city to city looking for the next group of honest people to take advantage of. He has scammed people in Las Vegas, Toronto, and now trying for round 2 in Edmonton.

    The business of his that I invested into was ****** TV, which ended up being a ponzi scam. He had the office space, the employees and everything. Then one day he vanished into thin air. Never returning calls, and always hiding behind his secretary. He is either currently in Toronto still pushing his "new business" there, or has relocated back to Edmonton. However if he is back in Edmonton, I guarantee a ton of people will be looking for him.

    Just some forewarning.

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    Re: Neil Chandran - AVOID AT ALL COST

    pretty vague note. How do you know he is in Edmonton. Where is he, what is he up to. Give some detail. Many people are interested.

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    Re: Neil Chandran - AVOID AT ALL COST

    Look up his name on the internet. This guy has a slew of complaints by consumers. Only a matter of time before the authorities catch up to him and haul him off to prison where he belongs.
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    Re: Neil Chandran - AVOID AT ALL COST

    do you have pictures of that person, because i have doubt that this person may not using real name.


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    Re: Neil Chandran - AVOID AT ALL COST

    Trust me Neil Chandran is one of the biggest crooks ever. His scam of choice is the PONZI and he has perfected it. He is from Canada and has stole about $75,000,000 from the people of Canada and he has now set his sights into the USA. His headquarters have moved from Edmonton, Alberta to Toronto, Ontario and he is now located in Las Vegas, Nevada. He operates under the names of Chandran Media, En ergy TV, Freevi, and SunGames Inc. I'm sure he has more but thats all I no of right now. Please avoid this man because he does not have a honest bone in his body. The authorities are very close to nailing his sorry ass, so your best hanging onto your money because he won't be able to do much from his prison cell.

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    Re: Neil Chandran - AVOID AT ALL COST

    You are all correct. I know this criminal Neil Chandran PERSONALLY. And he is a Ponzi scam artist. Pretty much anything you want to know I've got it. Home address, email address, phone numbers, work address. Someone needs to put an end to his lucky streak

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    Re: Neil Chandran - AVOID AT ALL COST

    See what scammer Neil and his gang have been up to


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