First all the report's are true FBI,BBB,US news.Dateline.....the name used to headline the paper work sent to you in the mail..Google the name( Isaac Mizrahi) women will know who he is not the VP of magic kid's wear crap.. or as stated by the people who answer the 1800 number the owner He is --Isaac Mizrahi (born October 14, 1961) is an American TV presenter, fashion designer, and was the creative directorLiz Claiborne. He is best known for his eponymous fashion lines. Mizrahi's clients were Hollywood stars Nicole Kidman, Selma Blair, Julia Roberts, Sarah Jessica Parker, Debra MessingNatalie Portman, to name a few.Magic Kids claims Issac is the VP well I called up a reporter friend,and got him on the case with me he called magic kids and did the whole reporter spill and low and behold..the lady who answered stated they don't do interview's because reports always are changed to make people/companies look like scams ...hmm Guilty also they have a Cayman islands bank not U.S tax fraud.. and the address the company uses was obtained with a free government program Conscious.and here is another report.. . I called the 1-800 number it told me to call... I spoke with a lady who spoke as if she were a computer. Everything was in short and to the point (me sending my check) answers. I asked if it was legal, etc and she responded,"Sorry ma'am, I don't understand your question." That right there put me off, but I rephrased my question until I got a,"Yes, this is a legit business ma'am." Then I asked if they would really refund my check if I didn't make money, etc. Her response was,"Well to send the check just fill it out along with the paper provided." I said,"Yes, thank you.
and the paper sent clearly say SEND NO MONEY why then a few pages later you read send a deposit of faith hell send me a deposit of faith...If you still choose to try this company don't be mad when you get ripped an all the good review's about great company..well guess what they are in on the scam the site's i read the bs on stated that is one of their everyone call the FBI and report if you lost money and then it is a they are under investigation as of right now.they also have another company in 2 other countries an one is mainly Nigerian employees enough said...hope all this info helped.....The state of California does not have UCC filings any
of and . Isaac mizrahi is not vice president of magic kids and company, INC. ... there is a lawsuit pending in Californian State.