Hi. I am looking for some help on the below. Any ideas or pointers would be greatly appreciated.

I've been following a futures trader online for quite some time on social networks, his blog, etc. A while ago, he sent out a survey to his subscribers. One of the questions was if people would be interested in managed funds (i.e., him managing other peoples accounts for trading futures). I said I would be. Several months later he sent an email out saying that his fund is taking on new accounts. Min investment 250k. Fee is 30% of profits.

Several weeks into the operations, it became apparent that he is not set up as an authorized fund to trade futures (or anything else for that matter). He did not test the platform and was basically using investors' fund to test his ability to run a managed fund. I also discovered that I was either the 1st or 2nd person to ever invest with him. Bottom line - he was not set up at all to take funds, he is not an RIA or certified in any other way.

Fast forwarding: 2 months into it I pulled the plug after incurring ~25k in losses.

Since I now realize that he is not authorized and/or registered to run a fund, I want to go after him to recover losses. He is in WA state. His fund (which I think is a sole proprietorship) is in DE.

Any idea how to take it from here? Any legal advice? Know where I can find someone that can help with the legal side in WA state?