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    new check cashing scam

    I recieved this today
    Harveys &Co.(clothing)Ltd.
    Glodwick Road, Oldham, Lancashire OL1 1YU
    [email protected]
    Dear Sir/Ma


    Please can i have your attention for a moment? Would you like to work
    online from home and get paid weekly Harveys &Co.(clothing)Ltd needs a
    bookkeeper in United States, so we’ll want to Know if you will like to
    work online from home and get paid weekly without leaving or affecting
    your present job? We presently run a leading manufacturer of industrial
    workwear and protective clothing for over fifty years. Harpoon and
    Civic brands are famous for quality and competitive pricing throughout the
    workwear industry in Great Britain,Continental Europe and America. We
    need Representative to work for the company as a Bookkeeper on part time
    bases in United States and CANADA.As I have view your profile and have
    seen that you are someone to be trusted, that’s why I have decide to
    contact you.

    We have clients we supply weekly in United State. Our clients make
    payments for our supplies every week, which are not readily cashable
    outside UNITED STATES, Hence we need someone reliable and Honest in United
    States to work as our representative and assist us in processing the
    payments from our clients while we’ll pay 10% of the amount processed from
    our clients weekly.
    All we need is to forward your information to our clients in United
    States and CANADA.The payment could be Checks or required an account with
    either bank of america,wellsfargo bank for making bank transfer

    Upon acceptance of the proposal, an interview date will be schedule on
    phone after which an Employment Form From Our company will be mail to
    you. It should be fill and send back with a scan copy of your Identity
    attached to it.
    As Soon as your employment is confirmed, we shall communicate with you
    of any payment coming to you. An arrangement to send back the fund will
    be mail to you.

    Please you can contact me with the below information or via my personal
    email below.

    First Name:

    Last Name:

    Home ADD:



    I will be willing to answer any question from you at anytime regarding
    this mail if intrested.

    Harveys &Co.(clothing)Ltd.
    Becky Brisset ,For : HRD
    Direct line-Tel/Fax: +447040150417
    Email: [email protected]

    Director Sign
    Danny J Hayes.

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    Re: new check cashing scam

    What's new about it?

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