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    Is the Shroud of Turin a Templar Forgery?

    An official carbon dating on the Shroud of Turin dates it near the time of the Knights Templar’s fall from glory. Though the image looks like Jesus Christ, many think it could also be that of Jacques De Molay, the Grand Master of the Knights Templar that was tortured by the King of France and burned alive. Before the Shroud of Turin was brought out for the public to see, it was in the possession of the De Charney family, the family of the man that was burned alive next to Jacques De Molay.
    Here is the full article on the Templar/Shroud of Turin connection: http://www.ancientmonks.com/mystical...roud-of-tourin
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    Re: Is the Shroud of Turin a Templar Forgery?

    The Shroud of Turin is a fake. You cannot get a visually correct 2D image mapping from a 3D image.

    Think of it this way, take a plastic/paper face 3D face mask and flatten it. Does it appear without distortion when flattened?
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    Re: Is the Shroud of Turin a Templar Forgery?

    it is NOT the authentic burial cloth of Jesus. I have studied the major books on the subject. It is most likely the following:

    a) an epitaphioi, or primitive audio visual aide. it is similar to an ICON in the Eastern rites of Christianity. when the crusaders found it they thought it was original. however they did not realize that such items were used by early Christians to aide their public addresses since most people could not hear the disciples past the first two rows in a large audience. so a picture of what they were saying was used.

    b) a souvener that was made for sale. either it was painted to make it look like a burial cloth or somone would even capture a peasat,murder them and use them as a model for burial. most accounts of the Gospels about the death of Jesus would be known by about 300 AD. so by the time the crusaders found it ( about 1000 AD) there would be plenty of time for an enterprising seller of antiques and curiosities to make an 'authentic burial cloth of Jesus" for sale at the bazaars and antique shops in the Middle east. at that time, Jews wer not held in high regard. so even kidnapping a Jew about 5 feet high and beating him ,even crucifying him to make it look like Jesus would not be un heard of by some unscrupulous business type from the Arabs or even the Jews themselves for sale to the gullible.

    c) the family that owned the cloth for centuries ( later the Duchess of Savoy who gave it to the Church) NEVER thought it was the authentic burial cloth of Jesus. it was more of a souvenier that the family received from a crusader in the family . some crusaders had the authentic fragments of the holy grail, some had true nails from the cross, some had fragments of the true cross and their family crusader got the so call burial cloth. it was more of an item they got from an antique shop or curiosity vendor in the Middle east and was treated as such. it may have been used to collect fees from the Pilgrims who went to sites of veneration common in the Middle ages at their castle site. . think of it as a Middle age form of shows they have down highway US 1 in Florida that show genuine Dinosaur eggs and alligator wrestling. more of a side show. not an original item.

    d) the best study that disproved that it was the original cloth was done by THE SOCIETY OF JESUS ( the Jesuits) in the 1880's,pre-isotopic age before radioactive carbon dating) . they showed by deductive logic it was not the true burial cloth of Jesus .

    so forget it. either it was a curiosity man made as an antique for sale for the gullible or it was a primitive icon made for audio visual purposes or to give a pictorial representation of what happened as disciples addressed people. :blunt:

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