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    Limbaugh gives corps OK to break Missouri levee!


    Judge gives corps OK to break Missouri levee

    Associated PressPOSTED: 12:01 pm CDT April 29, 2011UPDATED: 12:05 pm CDT April 29, 2011

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    CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. A federal judge on Friday gave the Army Corps of Engineers the go-ahead to break a Mississippi River levee and flood Missouri farmland if the agency deems it necessary to spare a flood-threatened Illinois town upstream.A day after hearing five hours of testimony over Missouri's bid to block any intentional levee break, U.S. District Judge Stephen Limbaugh Jr. found the corps' plan to breach the Birds Point levee appropriate to ensure navigation and flood-control along the still-rising Mississippi."This court finds that the corps is committed to implementing the (floodway) plan 'only as absolutely essential to provide the authorized protection to all citizens,'" Limbaugh said in his ruling.

    "Furthermore, this court finds that no aspect of the corps' response to these historic floods suggests arbitrary or capricious decision-making is occurring."The corps has proposed using explosives to blow a 2-mile-wide hole through the levee in southeast Missouri's Mississippi County, arguably to ease waters rising around the upstream town of Cairo, Ill., near the confluence of the Mississippi and Ohio rivers.Illinois, Kentucky and Tennessee all want the corps to move forward with the plan. Missouri had sought a temporary restraining order to block the detonation.

    Limbaugh already had voiced reluctance to get involved in the dispute, noting a 1984 federal appeals court ruling found that Congress had given the corps broad discretion in operating floodways such as the southeastern Missouri one and that challenges of that authority were "largely unreviewable."The corps halted its preparation for the levee break Thursday, saying it needed until the weekend to assess whether a sustained crest of the Ohio at Cairo would demand the extraordinary step.

    The river's crest at the Cairo flood wall could reach 60.5 feet a foot above its record high as early as Sunday and stay that level before slowly retreating by Tuesday, according to the National Weather Service' office in Paducah, Ky. Cairo's wall protects the town up to 64 feet, but there's concern the lingering crest could put extra pressure on it and earthen levees protecting other parts of the city.Jim Pogue, the region's Army Corps spokesman, said the agency remained "in a wait-and-see stage" Friday, with twin barges loaded with explosives still docked six hours downriver from the Bird's Point levee."We're hoping we can get a handle on this and sincerely hope we won't have to operate the floodway," he said. "Our intent is to make sure that if we have to move on to the next step (and breach the levee), everyone would have at least 24 hours' notice."We're just in a holding pattern right now. I can't speculate on when something might happen."
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    Re: Limbaugh gives corps OK to break Missouri leve

    I'm from that area; grew up there; still have family there including parents and a daughter. Common stuff. New Madrid Fault line, Mississippi River flooding, tornado alley, all part of spring in southeast MO.

    RISING TIDE: THE GREAT MISSISSIPPI FLOOD OF 1927 AND HOW IT CHANGED AMERICA, an excellent book by John M. Barry on the colossally devastating 1927 Mississippi River flood that affected everything from Cairo, IL to New Orleans and launched the migration of blacks from the Deep South northward. Blacks were forced at gunpoint (and murdered in resistance to) onto levees and isolated high ground into tent city concentration camps in the Mississippi Delta with a twofold purpose. One, to sand bag and otherwise fight the flood, and two, to prevent the escape of the delta's labor force. Once the waters receded the migration was on.

    Barry begins back at the very beginning of the feckless Eurocentric efforts to tame the Mississippi and Ead's construction of the first Mississippi River spanning bridge in St Louis. He also lays out the social and political battles over this period through today including the levees vs. jetties concepts as to how to control flooding.

    I suppose to date at least; no one seems to be killing anyone up that way yet for dynamiting the other side of the river to save his own side.

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