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    Legit PTC (Pay To Click) Jobs

    Hi, I need an extra job for an extra income, can you please give me a list of legit PTC sites that pays good. im not expecting a lot but just for extra.thanks and godbless everyone!

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    Re: Legit PTC (Pay To Click) Jobs

    mmmmm, no. this isn't the job board, this is the scam board.

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    Re: Legit PTC (Pay To Click) Jobs

    There are no PTC sites that are worthwhile by the way.

    You can't sit there and gain a good amount of money by just surfing the internet like that. For example, InboxDollars does do that, but you have to click on 100 links before you get $2.00 for doing so.

    And most of these exclusive PTC sites make you wait 30-60 seconds for a click to credit. NONE of these sites have more than 50 sites at a time in their system, and what they do have is usually a bunch of spam. The people who make these sites, ALWAYS think they can be the best, but it's always the same damn joke, a loss in investment. NO one wants to pay more than $50-10 to be on a PTC, and NO one wants to waste their time on a site that has nothing.

    And that's why a new one pops up every week.

    GPT is the best alternative.

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    Re: Legit PTC (Pay To Click) Jobs

    Agreed, there are really no real legit PTC jobs, at least none that are worth while. If you are looking to make money online then I would recommend looking into affiliate marketing, search engine optimization, internet marketing, etc.

    But just be aware it does take time to make money in the internet marketing business, it's not quick and easy like a lot of products and companies will make it seem.
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    Re: Legit PTC (Pay To Click) Jobs

    I fell for one of those PTC things once. One of them actually had me believing I had made $100 in a single day. That was when I learned that if they claim to pay more than $0.02 per click, it's definitely a scam. The ones that really do pay aren't worth the time.
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