I fell victim of an internet scam ran by a company calling itself Scottsdale Luxury Suites or Luxury Suites who had me pre-pay for a hotel stay, took my money and went out of business, and I had to pay for the hotel myself directly! We found them on google by searching for hotels for our trip to AZ. I should have been skeptical since they were selling many hotels, and when i called to make a reservation, i had to leave a message which was later returned by a Mark. Mark acted like he worked at the hotel and we had to pay in advance for our stay. I should have known when he needed me to prepay and had to send me a credit card receipt to sign and send back.

Turns out, he never paid the hotel for the stay, took his website down, and disappeared. The hotel informed us that many guests had been screwed over by this website since January, and they had been in touch with other hotels in town that had as many as $50,000 worth of fraud! Needless to say i called my credit card company and am disputing the charges.

Thankfully, they have taken their website down, their phone number doesn't even have a message anymore, so it looks like nobody else will get screwed with this.

HOWEVER, beware of scottsdaleazcondorentals.com, as this is ran by the same people, who are looking to scam people wanting to rent condos in Phoenix / Scottsdale.

Hopefully my card company gets this resolved fast, otherwise I'm going to be contacting the Scottsdale PD and the Arizona Attorney Generals office (the hotel told me many guests are doing this).