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    12daily-returns scam???

    Hi I only had the minimum put into 12daily-returns. But today, the site won't even recognize my username/password and email address. I tried to get a re-activation...but it says it does not recognize my email. Are they gone? Yet another scam? Probably.

    Kathryn :mad:

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    Re: 12daily-returns scam???

    Looks like they took your money and ran away with it :mad: Damn scammers. There have been numerous complaints about 12 daily. And hopefully it was just a minimum you invested in. I'll say this again! Never pay for work! It should be the other way around :)

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    Re: 12daily-returns scam???

    Well, I certainly am not going into any more surfing programs. I was already hit very hard earlier this year with Studio Traffic and I was also in a couple of other ones. They all went down. No More wasting my money. Sure there are hyips out there too. People think they can make a fast buck. But that is only if you are there during the first one or two days...then they are gone with your money too. Doesn't matter if they are ok for a few weeks..and starting to "look" ok. They do not work.

    I am going to go back to what I was doing before. It is a slower way to make more money BUT it is consistant and it is from my own efforts.
    Even with affiliate programs a person must be careful.

    I even got caught up in all those "double" programs that popped up a couple of years ago. I made good money then they all seem to crash down during the same three months. Again..not safe.


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    Re: 12daily-returns scam???

    Yes 12 daily pro was a big scam came crashing down early this year around feb straight up ponzi it was got closed by the feds and owner charis johnson I think is facing tons of fraud charges against her unlicensed bond exchange pymrid scheme etc. That was the only real published one that was shut down but hundreds ran or got shut down after that. Just a tip on programs anything with matix autosurf randomizer or doubler in there name or mentioned on to make money stay clear off most are ponzis if they dont just take your money and laugh at you without even giving you the illusion of making money after purchase. Also anything dealing with webstars2000 or easychairclub steer away from owed alot from 3 easychairclub programs they dont pay when its time to cough up the dough they stop responding

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    Re: 12daily-returns scam???

    Why would anyone have anything to do with auto-surfing. Autosurfing is theft plain and simple, and if you attach your name to it, you may have problems in the future if it becomes known.

    Why is auto-surfing theft? It is a method of generating false hits and getting paid for them. The only people who could possibly benefit are those defrauding advertisers, cheating on statistical reporting services, or exchanging rubbish with other webmasters that are trading traffic and want real surfers.

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    Re: 12daily-returns scam???

    I fully agree and 12daily was a big scam but now there is one even bigger and they own more then 1 site.

    the lady owns multiple sites. She also happens to have taken in over $200,000 and has lost 50% of the money. Now figure that one out. No payouts at any of the sites. People that complain to much are getting accounts deleted and suspeneded. And still no payouts.

    If you post complaints in there forum your accounts are suspended.

    she owns the following surf sites:


    The following HYIP sites:


    The HYIPs she is deleting all accounts and money owed saying she never got the money. Yet everyone has proof of what they paid.

    the following search sites where even affiliates are not being paid:

    search hermit

    people have lost over $100,000 to this woman and she is still going some one needs to close these down.

    I lost about $500 in all of the above.

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    Re: 12daily-returns scam???

    Visit xtremesurfs.com to see more.

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