OK guys here is the thing, I download this software (PokerRNG 4.0) from Emule VeryCD servers (VeryCD) (Chinnese I think) and it comes with a CRACK so you can log in to the pokerrng network. OK I play around 9000 hands and to tell you the true I am tired, now you guys are asking if is a scam (I am not shure) WHY? Because all the way to the 9000 hands (all to the end RIVER) I played I'v seen a lot of different results, now in 9000 hands it show you sometimes 2 cards right, sometimes one card right, and sometimes not even one card (It could be in FLOP, TURN, REAVER, there is no order). I most say that some times it looks like this is for real for example when it shows me 3 CARDS RIGHT (Unbelievable) (Almost Never) I mean it cant be just a coincedense to show me 3 cards right. And regarding to the opponents hands you see some direct matches of one card, almost never the 2 cards, a few times show me the two cards right, for example 2clubs and 2 spades or something like that, I mean what are the odds to give me that result of the 2 oponnet cards right, thats why I dont no if is a scam or not because all the way I cant say that I havent be able to seen some results and direct matches, what it realy worrys me or bother me is that in the manual says that full acuracy 99% is closed to 2200+ hands or 4400 hands if the hands are not going to the reaver. And what is very hard is that is says that its going to be at 99% accuracy when all the hands show 99% accuracy Well the majority of my hands say 99% almost all but then it comes back to LOW ACCURACY or 88% accuracy, in the manual says that if it goes back from 99% to low or 88% is not at the optimal state. and when almost all hansd are at 99% like mine it takes time to find a 2 Hole cards with low accuracy or 88% accuracy. In other words lets say you have AC AH (your hole cards) you have to play like 3 time this hand, look the order , first LOW ACCURACY (AC AH) now you need that hand again to go up to 88% in that particular hand and thats the hard part because some times take 100 or 300 hands so that hand (AC AH) shows again, now second 88% and then 99%. I now is confusing and I am not very shure abut this because I think there a MORE DATA NEEDED at the beggining so maybe the order can be 1) MORE DATA NEEDED 2) LOW ACCURACY 3)88% ACCURACY 4) 99% ACCURACY <--------you need to complete this 4 STEPS for each hand (TO HARD MEN) And I start to calculated how many combinations can be for the 2 HOLE CARDS (your cards) and its like 2700 possible hands that they can give you ------> I mean they can give you 9clubs 3spades or 3 spades and 9clubs or 7spades A hearts or....you name it there are lot, to be more accurate like 2700. Now for those 2700 hole cards (your cards) you have to proceed with the 4 steps (the ones a named before) for each one of these 2700 hole cards hands. Another thing I am not playing in rooms of 10,3,6,4, people, I am playing against the computer in PLAYTECH casinos (EUROPA, TROPEZ, etc) the name of the game is CASINO HOLD'EM and, I do this because I want to see if it work for this type, WHY? because is impossible for me to play 9000 hands with table of people of 9 or 10 because is to damn slow and some time the game are not going to the reaver (the game en earlier in flop or turn) so it takes extra time, now the type I am playing is 1VS1 me and the computer of the casino (or whatever you wanna call it) and yes I've seen some results ( A LOT) but again, I am not shure if some one has playing more than 9000 hands and put all the hands at 99% and start to see always 3 cards (it could be in FLOP, TURN or RIVER) or start to function the DOMINANT SUIT option all the time or if start to see always the 2 opponents cards. Now what is the risk I am am taking here, I have to go to the university and this thing is a lot of time consuming, I already lost one CLASS or MATERIA (Educational Phsicology), I dont know how you guys call it in USA.
Sorry for al grammar mistakes I am not from USA and english is not my native language. Again , I've seen a lot of results and thats why I keep going with this shi* of program . But I am starting to feel that even if some day I finish to put all the HAND CARDS to 99% this will have low probabilities that it will work. Thanks...I hope this this information help a lot of people out there, my advice YOU CAN TAKE THE RISK investing a lot of time on this software but if at the end doesnt work, for example dont show you the 3 cards for every single hand, be prepared to cry or swallow hard or feel a lot of pain in your ass and in your soul my brother lol . Some times I've played 10 or 12 hours straight. If at the end works I will post it here guys. WHISH ME LUCK