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    Charge.com/Cynergy Data/Pipeline Data RIPOFF

    I own a new lawn care company. In my search for a way to be able to process customer credit card payments, I ended up signing up for Charge.com, which apparently is Cynergy Data and Pipeline Data as well. The results have been shockingly horrible. Immediately after my account became active, I sent in a payment for $500 from our first customer, who agreed to prepay for this season's services.

    After a few days, I called Cynergy to find out why the payment didn't seem to be moving along. After speaking with half a dozen SHOCKINGLY unprofessional "customer service" reps, I was told that they had charged the customer's card, but the Risk Management department had a hold on the funds. I couldn't believe my ears! I had all of the card information, plus a signed invoice and all of the customer's contact information. As I asked them many times, if it looks suspicious, why would you contact his bank and ask them to verify the purchase with him? Furthermore, if it looks suspicious, why charge his card first, THEN hold onto the funds? And finally, if his card was already charged the $500 and you haven't heard from the customer or his bank, doesn't that add a certain amount of validity to the transaction?

    I went rounds with their Risk Management department for several more days before being told that they were going to refund the customer's account, making me look like an idiot to the customer, because it is against their company policy to process prepayments for services! I told the sales representative that signed me up that prepayments are par for the course in lawn care, but of course he never told me about this policy. Obviously I was LIVID by this point, and patched things up with the customer (who was, mercifully, a very nice and understanding person) and found a new card processing service.

    Here is where the fun really began. They began charging my account for statement fees, gateway fees, and a transaction fee (uhh...what "statement" "gateway" and "transaction"?) and a monthly service fee. After battling numerous unprofessional and rude representatives in several departments, I was finally able to get the fees refunded after being told several times that it was impossible to do, and having the old "the person you need to speak to must be out to lunch, I'll email him and he'll never contact you" trick pulled several times.

    I then talked to someone in the retention department and asked to have my account closed, as I was mislead into believing this "service" would suit my needs, and I had already opened, and had been using, a merchant account with another company. The nerve of this representative was ASTOUNDING! He argued with me over my reasons to cancel like a drunk man in a bar argues politics, before boldly claiming "Well, I think you are just closing your account for no reason". Wow.

    He told me that in order to close my account I had to go to such-and-such URL. I went there and was given a form that basically requests to be contacted by customer service with a text box in the bottom to write what this was regarding, and told I would be contacted within two days to cancel my account. The rep who contacted me was from the retention department. Again. Why did I need to go to that URL again? To make it more difficult to close my account, that's why. This rep brought the "customer service" experience, already the worst I have EVER encountered, to a new low. He was rude as hell and tried talking down to me throughout the entire conversation before informing me there is a $500 account cancellation fee!

    I escalated the call several times, but got absolutely nowhere. According to them, the only way to cancel my account is to sign a contract that says in the fine print that I am responsible for all fees they choose to charge, without specifically naming them. They had already refunded me all of the fees charged up to that point due to the circumstances, WHY should I have to pay them $500 to cancel?!?

    So this is where I'm at right now. As a new business just beginning to bring in revenue, and with my accounts still smoldering from equipment and product purchases, $500 is a huge expense. I have considered paying my bank the $30 fee to block Cynergy from debiting my account, but then I'm either stuck racking up $45/mo "service" fees in debt in my company's name, or signing an iron-clad contract they can use to sue me for the $500 cancellation fee. I know this is robbery, but I am so drained after dealing with them the past month, I can't even think of any moves I can make to sort it out.

    Have any of you had similar circumstances that you've found resolutions to?

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    Re: Charge.com/Cynergy Data/Pipeline Data RIPOFF

    Cynergy Data (aka: Merchant Processing Services, Pipeline Data, Authorized Capital, et al.)is one of the worst companies I've ever had the displeasure to do business with. The fees were ridiculous, and they were rude and extremely unprofessional. In April I tried to close my account. The "account retention specialist", Anny Bernabel was rude and beligerent. She insisted I would have to pay an early termination fee even though my 3 year contract was over. I told her I have statements proving I had been a customer for 3 and a half years. She said, it didn't matter, I was going to be charged anyway! When I asked to speak to a supervisor, she hung up on me. I called again, got a different rep who was relatively nice. Turns out 'Anny' had sent me an e-mail with a form I could fill out to close the account. I faxed it back the next day. 2 months roll by, and I notice there is an $85 debit from my business checking account, from Cynergy. I called them, they said it was an "inactivity fee", and my account was not closed! I told them I sent the cancellation form, they said they never recieved it. They said tomorrow if they receive it, to call back and "customer service" would refund the fee. So I sent it again that very day, and called for a refund the next day. Guess what? They refused to refund it. Last night I contacted the better business bureau and filed a complaint online. BBB said they forwarded my complaint to Cynergy and they will be a mediator between the two of us. I suggest you and everyone else who has been ripped off by them do the same. Hopefully it will work.

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    Re: Charge.com/Cynergy Data/Pipeline Data RIPOFF

    btw, the company I'm using now is great. The are called square and their website is squareup.com. There are no contracts whatsoever. They send you a little card swiper (for free!) that you plug into your smart phone. They take 2.75% of each sale and thats it. There are no fees at all!

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