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    Communications Publishing

    Beware of Communications Publishing,from Stephen Young, which advertises the book called "Billion sources want to send you free cash." I sent for the book and paid $24.95. The book is basically a listing of social service agencies across the U.S. This information can be found on your own. It has nothing to do with grants. It says if I return the book Ill receive a refund. I returned the book many months ago and I still did not receive a refund. I reported this company to the BBB of New York and Im still waiting for a refund. Its all a scam. They recently sent me another letter to show me how to profit from slot machines.
    Its just another scam.:

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    Re: Communications Publishing

    Yes, they have been ripping-off the public for 27 years. He has written the most effective sales letter to entice you. If only what was promised in the sales letter were in the book, we would all be rich. It is The Big Book of Lies. I am sure his books have made him rich, though.

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