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    Anthony Pittarelli in Lethbridge, Alberta

    A word to the wise.... this loser is not running a ticket investment business, it is just a ponzi scheme. I invested because a friend invested and he and received a great return (50%) I, however have not been able to get my money back and it seems now Pittarelli won't even answer my calls... I got put off to his mom, Marisa who just gives me the run around and excuses. I have no problem writing the loss off as a bad choice, learned my lesson the hard way... hopefully I can warn a few others before they lose too!

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    Re: Anthony Pittarelli in Lethbridge, Alberta

    Yep, this guys running a big scam. Same as he did in 2006...just search the Alberta or BC securities websites.

    Got the same thing...seemed like a great thing at the time...then nothing but the run around and a string of broken promises! Oh...and you NEVER get your money back!


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    Re: Anthony Pittarelli in Lethbridge, Alberta

    hi there,

    they fraud me and 6 of my friends for a total of 984 000$ canadian dollard.

    we are all from montreal and in 2003 they disapear with all our hard earned money.

    i just found their information, if a lawyer can help or anybody in any other branch can help it would be really apreciate

    i know someone that has been scam from toronto and 4 others from alberta.

    i have all their contact info, license plate, adresse, phones number...etc.

    Marisa Pittarelli
    Claudia Pittarelli

    Anthony Pittarelli

    DONT PM ME PLEASE, email me directly to x-com@live.ca
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    Re: Anthony Pittarelli in Lethbridge, Alberta

    Christa Beezoyen from Edmonton is just as quilty for taking others money and giving it to Pittarelli.

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    poss slander

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    poss slander

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    Re: Anthony Pittarelli in Lethbridge, Alberta

    Greed, comes and goes. I know of poeple who have lost money, regarding this scam. but they had all the clues and hints that this deal was bad. One individual con his famiy and friends, thinking that if got them to invest he would get their money and they would end up losing. hey you didn`t just get screw ** pittarelli but also who ever introduce you the scam is just as responsible

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