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Thread: HHO work group

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    HHO work group

    Hi, I have been thinking of doing dynamometer tests on HHO gas generator units. I know this is widely considered to be a crank idea. I can understand why. I have a Bach. Sci. in chemistry so I have a formal background. So here is some preliminary research I did:


    Fran Giroux who has promoted a lot of the tests is a business man, not a scientist. I tried to explain an R&R (repeatability and reproducibility) evaluation to him. Seems like he didn't see the point. He has been connected with several other trials besides the one described in the white paper, all with similar results.

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    Re: HHO work group

    What is interesting is we derive an 3nergy yield value expressed in units of megajoule/gram of hydrogen injected. Hydrogen from a tank yields about 0.015 MJ/g. HHO hydrogen yields on average 6.5 MJ/g, exact amount depends on speed and load on the engine dynamometer. That is about a 400 fold difference and there does not seem to be a conventional explanation for the difference. See:http://www.hho-research.org

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