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    Did the Church oppress the contents of the Dead Se

    In their controversial book, The Dead Sea Scrolls Deception, the authors Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh give a theory for the long period of time between the discovery of the Dead Sea scrolls and when their contents were finally made public. They say the church was hiding evidence found in the scrolls that Jesus was a fictional character made up by the apostle Paul, who was a sleeper agent for the Romans.

    If the theory sounds ludicrous, it is. These are the two crackpot authors that made up the Priory of Sion. Here’s a read on the Dead Sea scrolls controversy: http://www.ancientmonks.com/mystical-order-of-neglected-knowledge/2nd-degree-brother-of-the-cloak-1/the-dead-sea-scrolls-1
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    Visit Dead Sea Scroll Exhibition

    visit Dead sea scroll exhibition at natural history museum the next time it comes to town. I did it at Houston,TX. At the exhibition they discuss so called theories about why it took a long time to get the results published. any "fantasy' about alien invaders, secret life of Jesus, proof of Christianity,disproof of Judaism,Roman involvement,etc are all "poppycock". they also show what the scrolls looked like ( ancient parts of manuscripts and fragments of letters) along with what they would have sounded like in Aramaic,Hebrew or Greek( audio translation). quite interesting. worth the $17 admission fee. most theories are pure fiction. it just took scholars that long to translate them. most of the scrolls also fragment making translation very time consuming.:sun_smiley:
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    Re: Visit Dead Sea Scroll Exhibition

    Quote Originally Posted by iamwil View Post
    As to the Holy Grail folks....they do one thing....sell books...not truth...sensationalism to sell books.
    Christians... The first book sellers... You can even pay to have some dude read it to you in a pretty building once/week.

    You know... for those people too illiterate to know how to read? That was around 95% back in the day and for many parts of the USA I think it's getting almost back to the same level.

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