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    Thescreeningportal.com is a scam

    I received this letter after answering a job posting on *****slist.org in the Las Vegas area. They asks me to enter in their 'Personal Application ID' of course its' their afflication ID so they can get commission. Repport this scam!!

    Mary Rogers <[email protected]>

    Wed, Mar 30, 2011 at 9:20 AM

    ATTN: Re: Help Desk Call Center Representative
    hide details 9:20 AM (5 hours ago)
    Dear Applicant,
    Thank you for showing interest in this position.
    I am a placement specialist for The Screening Portal. We are hired by small and large companies to place them with qualified applicants in your area.
    Our client forwarded us your response from the ad for this position. After reviewing this, they are interested in moving forward with you to gain further information about you regarding this position. Our client is a little short on time, as the position is currently vacant. We want to move forward as soon as possible. Please complete our simple questionnaire through our secure portal as preparation. Once you have submitted this, we will be in touch within 3-5 days. Please note that we may contact you via phone after your initial information is received. The questionnaire takes less than 5 minutes.
    The secure portal is here:
    Your Personal Application ID is*: 183003
    *Application codes are only good for 24 hours.
    Best Regards,
    Mary Rogers
    The Screening Portal

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    Re: Thescreeningportal.com is a scam

    my wife responded to this, the credit report website had a lock (secrure web site). WHAT ARE MY RISKS?? WHAT TO DO NEXT?

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    Re: Thescreeningportal.com is a scam

    I had the same thing happen to me - the job posting was a legit company in the area and unaware that they were being used as part of the scam. By the time I figured out that this was a scam, I had already been billed for the credit report. The person who contacted me was:

    [email protected]screening.org

    BUT gmail actually provided the server from which the mail was sent:

    Kim R. via zara.nseasy.com

    If you google zara.nseasy.com you can find the isp, etc.

    I don't know where to report this, but I would love to - it's bad enough to be unemployed, but to get scammed AND have it cost money that you don't have is wrong.

    I tried to send something to *****list, but they send back a form letter basically telling you you're on your own.
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    Re: Thescreeningportal.com is a scam

    I just receieved an email and it is pasted below. I googled this, found the site and then realized it was a scam. BE CAREFUL GUYS

    Dear Applicant,

    Thank you fo r yo ur interest.

    I am a human res ources m anager of t he job a ppli cat ion scree ning company. Our or ganizat ion is hel ping c o mp an ie s and busin esses to fin d qualifi ed a pplicants in dif feren t area s.

    Our client h as fo rw ard e d us your recent inq ui ry about a vacan t position. Aft er re viewi ng your re sume a nd backen d informati on w e have d ecided to move f orwar d with screen ing proces s. This po sition is open for i mmedia te hir ing, an d the clien t is loo king for the right applicant a s soon as possib l e.

    Pl ease fill in o ur sh ort ap plicati on f orm through the sec ure website a s a next step b e fore live interview. This will take less t han 5 minutes. After compl etion I will ge t back to yo u within 3-5 bus ine s s d ays.

    You c an f ind an online appl ica ti on h ere:

    Your Perso n al Appl ication Number is 9201796

    Pl e a se note tha t applica tion number is val id for 24 hours.

    Kindest Re gards,
    Susan T.
    Hum an Resou rc es Manag er

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