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    Is Midwest Client Consultant, Inc. a scam ?

    I did send an application in one of the open positions from this company, but I am not sure if this company is legitimate or not ??
    Any idea is appreciated.

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    Re: Is Midwest Client Consultant, Inc. a scam ?

    what do they want you to do?


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    doesn't seem to be substantial corporation.

    a search for their address finds other businesses sharing same, perhaps it's a rent by the hour office.

    search for their company name just finds the ads they placed for employees.

    BBB Rating for Midwest Client Consultants, Inc.

    This business is not currently rated. BBB does not have sufficient information to issue a rating for this business.
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    Re: Is Midwest Client Consultant, Inc. a scam ?

    Yes, yes it is. I could give you a long detailed description of it, but I am at on break from work and can hopefully save a few people from getting sucked into this.

    -they lie about the position and what you'll be doing
    -door to door sales 100% commission
    -they train you to lie and smooth talks people into changing ****** providers while purposely midleading them about what YOU do and what the "issue" is with their bill.
    -You drive 2-3 hours a day in your territory and aren't reimbursed for gas
    -google shaine thurman and look at the scam reports written about him for this company and tablerock enterprises in cincinatti
    -it's called multi-level marketing and do NOT get sucked in...they got me when I got laid off of my job and was hired immediately. Everyone there is a drone and the company culture is bizarre to say the least. I worked for 3 weeks and THANKFULLY found a full time position at a bank
    -OH!! and to top this all off, Shaine Thurman approached me at a bar over the weekend with some of the people that I used to work with (10 of them...weird they don't have other people to hang out with on the weekend) and called me a quitter and I had no heart. Proceeded to insult me and talk about how great his company is. Not to mention was he extremely drunk, swearing, and insulting, he actualyl threatened me when I told him to get out of my face and talk to someone else who cared about the BS he was spewing. Then, my FORMER manager preceeded to apologize to me for about 20 minutes to which I ignored...it was very childish, yet I enjoyed it and proved I made the right decision to get the F out of there...he's a scumbag, plain and simple oh and he's banging the secretary LOL...I know I said this would be short but my anger and frustration all came back to me as I was typing this...HOPE THIS HELPS!!! LOOK ELSEWHERE!!!!

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    Re: Is Midwest Client Consultant, Inc. a scam ?

    Omg Yes Whatta Fucking Scam....

    Now It Is Renamed Northshore Concepts....

    Seems This Illigetitmite Business Changed Its Name Again..

    Nowthe Scam Is Run ** Some Ryan Williams... Same Scam Different Scam Artist

    Stay Away

    Stay Away

    Ryan Williams = Scam Artist = Northshore Concepts

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