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    I Received A Check From Overhead Doors For $2,840

    Today UPS delivered me a manila envelope shipped verified from:

    Continental Inc.
    5800 Tinicum Blvd.
    Philadelphia, PA 19153

    I opened the envelope and the only thing inside was a check that was printed my computer from:

    Overhead Door Company of
    Tyler-Longview-Mt. Pleasant
    2000 Anthony Dr.
    Tyler, Texas 75702

    The Check was issues to myself for the amount of $2,840 with the memo reading " Instant Cash" I have never done business with this company and have no reason to be receiving this check. No one has made any contact with me what so ever. And the only thing that I can think of is that someone obtained my name via *****slist when I was applying for jobs or saw my resume posted on careerbuilder. I took a look at the check closely and it says that the check should graduate from dark blue to light blue in the background. The check does not do this. Also there is supposed to be a watermark on the back but there is nothing when held up to a light. I tried to contact the business but they are closed on the weekend. The only thing I can think of is that the scammers are trying to use me as a test dummy to see if the phony check will cash. This is the only thing that I can think of, being that there has not been any contact made with me by the scammers. What do you think? Anyone had this happen to them as well?

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    Re: I Received A Check From Overhead Doors For $2,

    the check is fake, don't cash it.

    normally, a scammer would have been talking to the victim, thru email, explaining what the check is for, and why the victim should cash it and send the cash to the scammer via western union. in this case, something went wrong so you have a fake check but not the cover story.

    just don't try to cash it. the scammer might contact you and say check was sent in error and you can keep part of the money as your reward for being honest, if you send the rest back by western union. don't.

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    Re: I Received A Check From Overhead Doors For $2,

    LOL Believe me I have absolutely no intention of cashing it. I am very informed about these types of scams. I think that there were alot of Nigerian scams going on before but I believe that the scams have increased in the US with the recession and not they are not only limited to online.

    Thank You for the warning though.

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