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    Re: I Just Want a Legit Opportunity!!!

    There are a handful of major sites that do not charge upfront listing fees if you are interested in becoming a Reseller of goods.

    Not that I welcome the competition, but I've only listed (mind you, free listings) my inventory at three sites:



    and Half.com at eBay.com

    The trick is to find products in auctions. preferably in LOTS (I have had tremendous luck with Samsclub auctions, but you have to be a Sams Club member) that are "hot" or "discontinued" items. You can find CASES of books or DVDs for less than $10 per case. You would not believe some of the things that I have sold for three to ten times what I paid for them just because they have been discontinued or out of print. Bear in mind to research the items first to make certain they haven't been recalled.

    You can also research major retailers' online sites for closeout items. I once bought a dozen new printers at $39.99 each with free shipping and sold them all within days for $100 each. Not a large profit, but it was satisifying in that they did not sit, taking up space as unsold inventory.

    Good luck with your venture!

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    Re: I Just Want a Legit Opportunity!!!

    I could give you the name of someone who has a "business in a box" ready to go, where you pay for the website, which you own, and the product etc, all you worry about it the advertising but I'm afraid I'd have to kill you after.

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    Re: I Just Want a Legit Opportunity!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by lbman
    If you want to start any business. Your going to have to put some money and effort in it upfront. With any business, your going to need tools, products, supplies and/or a marketing plan. So any business saying that you can start with no money upfront is a lie. Therefore their are no at home businesses that require no money upfront.
    You know, it's crazy how many people forget that to make money w/ their business they need to spend some first. I mean you got advertising and getting your products.

    I'm looking into storefronts for my handmade jewelry and I've found a few websites that look interesting (one is free to list stuff and the only payment is if you want advertising on the front page!) and then I gotta think about what if it takes off. What do I do about taxes and claiming the income on my federal and state tax forms??? It's a lot of work and though and research.
    No matter what you are trying to do it's stuff you should think about before starting.
    Patricia Lynne's Treasures
    Why should you look there? Because it's not a get rich scam.
    It's my store! I got it up (almost gotta add a few items and spell check LOL) I got domain hosting and email accounts. I sent out my application for sales tax. I'm so excited. Also check out my blog at myspace page

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