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    BoxChilli Media Anders Bohea Boxchilli Media Ports

    Contracted to build a website for the company I work for, boxchilli media did not deliver.

    Subcontracted from another website to build a animated [COLOR=blue ! important][COLOR=blue ! important]system[/COLOR][/COLOR] Anders often lied about his capabilities.

    At the point we decided to part ways with Anders and his lies he kept our deposit and decided to become illusive.

    We have been given the details of several other clients and and contacted them to find out what their encounter was with boxchilli media.

    Five other customers have been left in a similar situation with one initiating court proceedings.

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    Click Digital Marketing Portsmouth SEO

    I am so pleased to of come across this, we just had a meeting with Anders although he seems to of changed companies as he is now working under Click Digital Marketing. We were looking at getting all our SEO work carried out through Click Digital Marketing however after some research on him and his previous company we will be taking our business else where, thanks for forewarning us.
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