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    Tsunami in Japan

    I have seen footages of the major tsunami in Japan that was caused by an almost magnitude 9 earthquake. Very scary. Tsunami alerts have been given to several Pacific regions, including the Philippines, Guam, Micronesia, and even Hawaii.

    Makes me think about the end of the world or whether we're in for a deluge.

    Nevertheless, please let us pray that our fellows in these regions are saved.

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    Re: Tsunami in Japan

    they are cursed...

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    Re: Tsunami in Japan

    yeah it caused many destruction.

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    Re: Tsunami in Japan

    Well all I can say is that with everything that's been happening around , it's now time to turn away from wickedness and turn to the Lord Jesus Christ. Repent. Accept Him as your Lord and Savior. Do it before it's too late. His coming is fast approaching.

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    Re: Tsunami in Japan

    Japan is in trouble because Nuclear plant of Japan has damaged and the country economically going down. It was a natural disaster. I am confident that nobody can stop these earthquake or Tsunami except God. So we should always pray to our God. Thousands of people has been died in the Tsunami.

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