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Thread: tiny details

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    tiny details

    i have been looking at a lot of at home business and came across this website.


    has anyone used this site and made money? i understand it will be tiny things but it looks pretty easy. i did search the form first and didn't see anything on this site so i do apologize if there is already one.

    my friend at work got the book from this site http://www.assemblywork.biz/

    i was looking at all the sites and tiny details seems to be the best. please let me know.

    thank you all in advance!

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    Re: tiny details

    The kits seem to cost $55 and the company says they will pay $75 for a completed set.

    The site seems to be missing some information:

    1) How much does it cost to ship the kits to you?
    2) How much does it cost you to ship the completed items to them?
    3) What percentage of completed items are accepted?
    4) Who pays the shipping for the rejects back to you or if they even bother to ship them back, maybe they toss the rejected ones?
    5) How long does a kit take to complete? hours? minutes?

    With the potential of only $20 profit for each kit, that money could easily be eaten up in shipping costs and interest on your credit card you used to buy the kit.
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    Re: tiny details


    Based on BBB files, this business has a BBB Rating of F on a scale from A+ to F.
    Factor(s) that lowered this business' rating include:
    BBB concerns with the industry in which this business operates
    70 complaints filed against business
    Failure to respond to 1 complaint filed against business
    16 complaints filed against business that were not resolved
    10 serious complaints filed against business

    the reason the job is always open is because everybody fails.

    BBB ratings don't go lower than F. if there was a G or H this company would be there.
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