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    simplicity gourmet

    im not sure if i spelled gourmet right or not but heres the situation. somehow this company recieved my name and number and called me to tell me that either i signed up or someone signed me up to win a honeymoon vacation at a bridal show( i have yet to attend one but i am engaged). anywhothey said that in order to claim my vacation me and my fiance had to go to a conferance room at a hotel by the airport with our ids to claim it. well we did and it happened to be a cookware show/sales pitch. to be honest it was an intresting presentation and if the cook stuff hadnt cost more than 10 thousand dollors...maybe like 200 for the whole set or something...i would have bought it. they cooked dinner for us...it was pretty cool. well we get this printed off peice of paper that has a code on it and said we had to mail it in to get the real voucher. so i did and i got it but it says that we have to pay 50 dollars a person book 90 days in advanced. o and what we won is 2 nights 3 days in dominican republic all inclusive hotel only. what i want to know is has anyone been scamed by these people? i dont want to give them the money and them claim i have a hotel fly down there and find out theres no hotel. and if it true can i book it with anyone or do i have to go through them? simplicity gourmet is who contacted me but when i recieved my voucher it said simplicity travels.....the name change throws me off. i am not doing anything till i hear something definite. ive never been scamed before and dont plan on it. thank you for any info any one can bring to this.

    thanks agian

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    Re: simplicity gourmet

    Found these 2 links that don't say anything positive about simplicity travel.



    What you have mentioned sounds like either a travel club or 'pre-paid' vacation, something like Sunshine Travel. I don't know for sure if simplicity travel is like that but it sounds like the same way a travel club starts.

    It works like you mentioned, with 'winning' a vacation. Then you are suppose to sign up for the 'club' that comes with a yearly or monthy fee and nearly impossible to cancel and refunds are completely non-existant. When you do want to travel, you are given extremely limited times and locations. All bookings must go through their phone numbers and snail mail, which is timeconsuming at best.

    If you do manage to travel, there are per-person taxes, fees and charges that must be paid. You will probably end up in older hotels and will have to sit through another high-pressure sales pitch, this time for a timeshare. In the end, nearly everyone in one of those clubs says they could have simply booked the travel themselves with less hassle and paid about the same.
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    Simplicity Gourmet

    Simplicity Gourmet is a company that targets brides-to-be by telling them they have won a free trip. All they have to do is to go to a presentation on kitchenware at a local hotel. They are subjected to a high pressure 90 minute presentation that makes totally unfounded health claims about their cookware and somehow gets young, inexperienced people to commit to thousands of dollars worth of pots and pans. They make their money by operating a finance company called Equitable Acceptance Corp which charges high rates of interest. Those that go through the multistep process to get the voucher for the trip are charged $50 per person, given multiple blackout dates, have to pay for their transportation and often find that the hotels are not very good. There are many complaints about this company on other internet sites as well. Do not get scammed.

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