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    Best Buy - Return Policy

    I recently bought a IPAD for my wife. At the time of the purchase, I specifically asked the sales associate about the return policy. She replied "30 days from the day of the purchase". Since the purchase was for my wife, I wanted to make sure that she likes it and I have an option to return it in case there is a problem with it or in case my wife feels its not for her. Since the purchase, the device constantly locked up during operation. My wife was not satisfied with the purchase and wanted to return. I took it back today for the return (winin 30 days) and was denied any help. Now the manager told me that the return policy is 14 days and not 30 days. I was denied the service even after I informed the manager about my prior understanding of the 30 day return policy. Now i am stuck with a product I am not really happy with. I have decided not to do business with best buy in the future and cancel my credit card account unless best buy honors my request and returns the product.

    adnan wazir

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    Re: Best Buy - Return Policy


    seems some new employee didn't know the right answer.

    Exchange and Return Period
    Exchange or return your item anytime from the original purchase date within the timeframe below:

    14 days for computers, monitors, projectors, camcorders, digital cameras, iPads, tablets and radar detectors
    30 days for all other products
    45 days for all products for Reward Zone Program Premier Silver members*
    i avoid the store because they sell those sub-woofer speakers to make a car go boom boom. i don't want to hear it, either in the store or on the street.
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    Re: Best Buy - Return Policy

    I PMed you directly, but I'll post it here too...

    You'll want to go to Apple directly now in this case. Have them see if they can fix the issue and if your wife likes it then, then you're good. If not, just sell it. Shouldn't be an issue.

    Best Buy is just a reseller. They get pretty mad when people bring Apple products back because over the years, people have on purpose done crap to their devices because they want a new one and not one with a big scratch they made on the side.

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