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    Fellowship of the Cosmic Mind

    The Fellowship of the Cosmic Mind is a religious scam, the head of this ‘church’ Laura Knight Jadczyk has recently stated on her forum cassiopaea that;

    The only reason the Fellowship exists is because we realized we may need a legal structure in this legally structured world, i.e. using their own weapons against them. We realized that we already lived a certain lifestyle due to what we had learned, we only needed to formalize it WITH THE PROVISO that we can adjust the formalization as we learn more. Thus, the Statement of Principles incorporates a section on modifications and has version numbers.
    Laura Knight Jadczyk March 2011

    [link to cassiopaea.org]

    So she established the religion as a cover, which, therefore, completely invalidates the entire statement of principals that declares its self as a religion

    [link to paleochristianity.org]

    BUT, she charges subscriptions to join her religion so she is scamming her members.
    and of course doesn’t declare on her ‘Fellowship of the Cosmic Mind’ site that it’s pupose is to provide a legal structure’ for her operation which for all intents and purposes seems to be a cult which declares its self as the only path to truth.

    This isn’t a legal stucture (if that is a good excuse for establishing a whole religion, its hardly ethical) its a MONEY SPINNER

    So I wonder if after this recent admission if she is going to return all the money to her subscribers who forked out on the basis that they were joining a religion? It costs $10 to join and you are also encouraged to donate!

    [link to paleochristianity.org]
    Oh and there is also the added benefit of having religious status.
    This is a scam

    What dictionaries say about scam:
    1. A ploy by a shyster to raise money.
    2., A fraudulent business scheme. To scam means to victimize: deprive of by deceit; “He swindled me out of my inheritance”; “She defrauded the customers who trusted her”; “the cashier gypped me when he gave me too little change”
    3. A confidence trick, confidence game, or con for short (also known as a scam) is an attempt to intentionally mislead a person or persons (known as the mark) usually with the goal of financial or other gain. The confidence trickster, con man, scam artist or con artist often works with an accomplice called the shill, who tries to encourage the mark by pretending to believe the trickster

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    Re: Fellowship of the Cosmic Mind

    Dude, people have already looked into this one and found nothing wrong.

    There are real cults in this world that make their money trafficking little kids and women, and you're gettin' "hot n' bothered" about some small potatoes, philosophical group?


    There are people on this site who put in countless hours/days/years of research and digging to help the general populace avoid getting taken-in and/or abused by REAL cults, and here you are making noise and pursuing what is, obviously, a personal vendetta.

    Like, really, really obvious.

    Quit wasting people's time.

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    Re: Fellowship of the Cosmic Mind

    The investigation into The fellowship of the cosmic mind, cassiopaea, quantum Future School and all the other fronts of this destructive cult has only just begun.

    More people are coming forward everyday with statements against this organisation.

    This is often what happens with such cults you get a trickle effect and then it all starts gushing out.

    People are being emotionally damaged and exploited, the evidence for this is mounting.

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    Re: Fellowship of the Cosmic Mind

    Friday, April 15, mods have killed GodLikeProduction’s main thread and other alert threads about Laura and the Cassiopaean.
    This thread was deleted when it has existed since 2005 and had over 350 pages of information – it was destroyed in seconds.
    The reasons that motivated this atomization remains unknown but is related to the appeal to find buyers of tickets of the raffle house [ http://www.google.fr/search?hl=fr&so...d+Raffle+Fraud ].

    There were there many people who followed the events and were involved in this whole affair.

    Something gloomy has happened.

    This is censorship

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    Re: Fellowship of the Cosmic Mind

    The Cassiopaea Cult - Pseudo-Science and Mental Disorders Masquerading as Spirituality
    Once upon a time people lived in an era of relative simplicity where choices were clear and beliefs were solid and rock like foundations of ones' community and life. Well those days are long gone. And it's a good thing too because I mean I really would not be happy with using separate water fountains and all that. However there has been an unfortunate byproduct of the social upheavals that marginalized antiquated thinking and it is most definitely a terrifying one: deluded slick talking weirdos parting you from your hard earned money - and sanity! And no, it's no longer confined to late night cable television ranting. A bizarre Twilight Zone is available to anyone with a computer right at their finger tips. Isn't that great kids? Having been in a cult myself for four years I can smell a rat from a mile away and the putrid stench of this Cassiopaean fiasco is downright overpowering.
    The Background - In 1994 a down and out new age spiritualist named Fred Irland along with a very disturbed woman trained in the science of hypno-therapy and thought manipulation began an experiment where they attempted to "channel" beings from a higher state of consciousness through a ouiji board. The pseudo-scientific séance experiment (or scam) was a "success" and the Cassiopaeans revealed themselves. Subsequently the woman, Ms. Laura Knight Jadczyk, made off with the idea and on her websites does not credit Mr. Irland at all for his part in helping to discover these profitable beings. The beings known as the Cassiopaeans are supposedly "herself in the future" (?) from the distant constellation Orion. Basically the Cassiopaeans are used to promote and validate a certain world view. This world view now forms the foundation of her cult. The world view she promotes claims that we are all under the domination of 4th dimensional evil "overlords of entropy" who feed off of our negative ****** and keep the humans on this planet the way a scientist might keep lab rats or the way a farmer might keep livestock. After ditching Mr. Irland, she merged a severely edited version of these crazy Cassiopean 'transmitions' with a bastardized and twisted version of the teachings of a French philosopher named Gurdjieff. Then abra cadabra, a cult was born. The ideas of Gurdjieff seem on the face of it to lend credibility to Ms. Knight Jadczyk and her crazy money scheme. But when you look closely you see it for what it is - psychosis parlayed into a very profitable scam.
    As if this weren't enough, the Cassiopaeans have told Ms. Knight-Jadczyk that meteors are soon to strike the planet causing mass chaos. They also told her that the recent weather changes we've all been noticing are the direct result of battles in the 4th dimension between "good" and "evil" forces. In addition she was informed that only 1/2 of humanity has a soul or the potential to develop a soul. The other half are just "organic portals" and playthings of 4th dimensional beings. In a nutshell, according to Ms. Knight-Jadczyk and her believers, the Keanu Reeves movies were exactly right - we are living in a Matrix-type control system where evil 4th dimensional agents can materialize through other people (usually our friends and loved ones) and "steal" our ****** and attack us emotionally and sometimes even physically. Isn't that cool? But seriously folks.....it's time - cue the cuckoo clock sound effect. This @!$%# is insane in the membrane.
    This is not spirituality, it is insanity.
    Coincidentally, the only way to save yourself from this wretched scenario is to:
    1) buy buy buy certain books which will help you "awaken" from the Matrix and "ride the wave" of ****** coming our way in the near future.
    2) Obey and listen to the Cassiopaeans because they know best.
    3) Leave your pesky unique personality and previous assumptions at the door.
    Does this sound @!$%#ing loony toons wacky so far? Well believe it or not this person managed to raise almost 100,000 dollars in less than a week on her alternative news website sott.net, the portal she uses to ensnare new minds and new bank accounts. Currently she resides in a castle (yes, a castle) on an estate in France. The lost, bewildered and confused searchers of truth have been tricked and ensnared like kids in a fun house maze and are actively subscribing to her unique brand of psychosis. The fact that this woman is a trained hypno-therapist is especially interesting and should not be taken lightly. Who knows what sort of mental manipulation and suggestion techniques she's capable of using? Considering the depressing and incredibly negative tenor of everything surrounding the Cassiopeans it's surprising to me that she has even five or ten followers. So far she seems to have ensnared those truly searching for answers and explanations by dressing this @!$%# up as spirituality and combining it with ideas from the X-Files, Dungeons and Dragons and the teachings of various philosophers and spiritual thinkers.
    At the end of the day though, due to the compelling and urgent nature of the doom and gloom scenarios (i.e, the world is ending soon etc...) people subscribe to this ridiculousness out of fear and quite possibly also because of subtle mental manipulation. To get a feel for this whole thing I spent a few months time on the sott.net forum and I read Ms. Kinght-Jadczyk's book, 'The Secret History of the World'. The whole time I sensed something was not quite right. Strangely, many complain of disturbing psychological and physical reactions after becoming involved with the cult and it's reading material. Usually they are told these symptoms are just the evil 4th dimensional beings attacking them and trying to deter them from discovering "the truth". Yeah, right. It is sickening to me to realize how much some disturbed and egotistical people are able to profit from the confusion, uncertainty, and increasing general dysphoria of these modern times.

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    Re: Fellowship of the Cosmic Mind

    This is indeed a destructive cult, and Corny Cully is obviously a cult insider assigned to roam the internet in search of any critical information about the cult, and then dispel it.

    Fellowship of the Cosmic Mind, or as they used to be known, Cassiopaea Cult, is anything *but* a "small potatoes, philosophical group". As long as they destroy people's lives and break up families, friends and partners with their disconnection and separation policies, that's how long people will keep blowing the whistle. It's not rocket science.

    Comprehensive information from predominantly ex insiders here:






    It looks like Fellowship of the Cosmic Mind is learning the same lesson that Scientology learned in the 90s. The internet is the game changer for all these destructive cults and greedy opportunists. Their cloak and dagger methods might have been more effective in the days before people got connected via the wonderful world wide web.

    They operate under the following names:

    • Quantum Future School
    • Fellowship of the Cosmic Mind – Church of Revived PaleoChristianity
    • Signs of the Times website – www.sott.net
    • Red Pill Press
    • Dot Connector Magazine
    • The Cassiopaean Experiment – www.cassiopaea.org
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    Accidental Double post

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    Re: Fellowship of the Cosmic Mind

    Another important read, before you consider getting involved with this cult:


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    Re: Fellowship of the Cosmic Mind

    Complicated but will try to explain.
    One of Laura's followers is currently harassing innocent people who she assumes are running a website that Laura used to support.

    Laura no longer supports this site because Sandra Brown, MA VOLUNTEERED privileged information to a possible psychopath who is suing one of Sandra's ex-volunteers. Sandra apparently told Laura and one of her enforcers to unleash the wrath of Cassiopaea on this ex-volunteer (Barbara) and one of her friends (Mary) -- (the latter being the main target of the lawsuit). :2gunsfiring_v1:

    Laura has blocked anyone who speaks the truth on this from her website yet gives her enforcer - one Betsy Ash** - free reign to defame, blame, harass, threaten, bully and lie about these innocent people using Cassiopaea as a platform.

    Here's the nasty links from Laura's forum:


    these two above links are just the tip of the iceberg on Laura's forum about people she doesn't even know who she assumes are running the Cyberpath's blog. (see below)

    Here's the site Laura USED to support


    Here's what they have to say about Laura, Ash** and Brown:


    Here's a site started ** the target of the lawsuit (Mary) to talk about the lawsuit and the person suing her:

    (worth a read because it is a good example of the only defense some victims of psychopaths have. The truth)

    Here's the site this same person above started to expose Sandra Brown, MA (the fact that Sandra turned over privileged information on an ex-volunteer (named Barbara) triggered this. This Barbara tried to disassociate herself from Sandra when it happened - Sandra knew Barbara had her predator exposed on the Cyberpaths site years before - so Sandra told Ash** & Jadcyzk that she believed Barbara RUNS Cyberpaths (she does not) and sicced Ash** and Jadcyzk on her. The blog author (Mary) above & below is GOOD FRIENDS with Barbara. Mary decided to check up on Brown's "credentials" - this blog is what she found out:

    Ash** & Jadcyzk recruited one of the people 'exposed' on the Cyberpaths blog. This person seems mentally unhinged from the writings here and has joined Ash** in her harassment of Barbara, Mary and anyone they think is associated with the Cyberpaths blog; with Jadcyzk egging them on.

    Laura Knight-Jadcyzk is a nasty person and she and her web-bullies need to be stopped. Laura is like some corrupt emperor turning her beasts loose on innocents in the coliseum she calls her forum, throws gasoline on the flames and sites back and cackles with delight at the harm she causes people. She's a twisted woman - possibly a meglomaniac!! The word needs to get out about Jadcyzk and Sandra Brown, MA!!!!! Please spread these links above to as many places as you can!
    important links:




    ABOUT LAURA: http://sandrabrownmanolicense.blogsp...in-it-for.html





    Jadcyzk's site swear they are anti-defamation, anti-bully and pro-truth but they are the BIGGEST DEFAMERS, BULLIES and SMEARERS on the net... read these links and proceed with caution.:crazy1:
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    Re: Fellowship of the Cosmic Mind

    thought we could edit posts - yet unable to do so.

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    Re: Fellowship of the Cosmic Mind

    Quote Originally Posted by artfuldodger View Post
    thought we could edit posts - yet unable to do so.
    There is a time limit on that.

    Not sure, but 48-72 hours I believe.
    Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge: it is those who know little, and not those who know much, who so positively assert that this or that problem will never be solved by science. -C. Darwin

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