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    China Supplier Company - SCAM OR NOT?

    There's a company called TIPCELL ELECTRONIC CO., LTD that sells various cellphone accessories and parts. The prices are wholesale and cheap, but they only accept wire transfer or western union. (www.tipcell.com) Does anyone know a way to check if they are a legit company, and not one that will take my money and never respond to me again? Thanks for any help you can supply!

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    Re: China Supplier Company - SCAM OR NOT?

    Scam. The wire transfer requirement is a dead giveaway.
    Cheap prices? Cheap knock-offs. The products (if they actually exist) are certain to be counterfeit.

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    Re: China Supplier Company - SCAM OR NOT?

    They are scammers out of Nigeria. They call them 419 scams. Beware of these and drop them like the plaque!

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    Re: China Supplier Company - SCAM OR NOT?

    I had bad experiences dealing with Chinese companies. I only use L/C when doing the transactions. But still, their quality is really bad

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